Tuesday, March 13, 2007

A Toast To Nearly 70 Degree Weather and Crocs in the Snow

(And a fresh manicure.....I just got home from having my nails done. I really only enjoy wine during warm weather, so I popped the cork on this new bottle of Riesling in celebration of our almost 70-degree day and took a walk around the still frozen gardens. The wine is quite good so I shall not be held responsible for whatever I say in the remainder of this post. :) )
Only a person under the influence would wear Crocs in the snow. My socks were pretty wet when I came inside!

I was happy to see my herb pot survived the harsh winter for another year. The hens & chicks wreath also survived. Remember when I made these wreaths?
I actually made two of them and both have survived two winters. I just tossed them into the barrels and left them all winter.

The wreath I made in November is still hanging by the garage door and looking OK. The milkpods have opened and are releasing their seeds. I wonder where they will come up this summer? I just spent about 15 minutes searching my blog to find the original post about this wreath. It's here. Somewhere along the way, I added evergreen foliage.

I hope you all go look at it since it took me so long to find the darn thing!! LOL

I felt so good to walk around the yard for the first time today. Spring is almost here!

Does anyone know what this is peeking out of the icy ground? I know. I'm just seeing if any of you know. :)

My backyard is still full of snow as you can see here:
Yes, we did leave our birdbath out all winter. This is the second winter we have left it out and it has not been hurt.

Oh, I just saw myself on TV. Really. It's not the wine talking. LOL. I was in a commercial for the hotel I work at. When I hear the commercial starting, I look over and usually I miss me....I am sitting at the fireplace reading the newspaper at the beginning of the commercial. If I don't look during the first two seconds, I have already missed me. LOL. It's my two seconds of fame.

Have a great day. I hope you are all enjoying this beautiful weather! We are forecasted for snow tomorrow. I hope you're not.


  1. Cheers to nice weather! We were spoiled with a short but cold winter here in the northeast.
    Hmmmm....that thing in the snow looks a bit like a mushroom to me! ; )
    I did look at the post about the milkweed, etc too.

  2. It was mild over here too today...well not as mild as you had it but still mild:-) A lot of our snow is melting now but still too much of it on my flowerbeds so I can't see if anything has started coming up yet. I just love the nail colour you have on, beautiful!! How very cool that you were in a commercial...blink and you miss you eh? lol xox

  3. Rhubarb would be my guess...
    I got a bit of sun on my face working in the yard yesterday...just cleaning...It could stay like yesterday's weather all summer as far as I'm concerned ...mid 70s and low humidity.
    Have a great spring.


  4. We've had a couple of mild days too. Yesterday was sunny and beautiful, and this morning too, but now we have rain and gray skies. The snow is melting fast!
    Yes, cheers to the coming spring and many more lovely 70º days!
    I did go and look at your pretty wreath :)
    I don't know what that is emerging from the ground. Something ominous, I think ;) Our yard is still covered with snow too.
    It must be fun to see yourself on TV, if only for two seconds :)

  5. Sharon got it right.

    It's rhubarb.


  6. I was looking at that large sunken in looking brown thing and not the yellowish-reddish sprouts. I use to have a big bunch of it in the garden and I believe it got choked out.

  7. We had a beautiful, sunny day with temps in the 50's a couple of days ago and like you, I celebrated with a lovely glass of wine on the deck. Ah, spring! AACCCKKKKK, we are expecting another snow storm tomorrow! "-(


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