Friday, March 23, 2007

Spring is Slowly Arriving

I know many of you already have flowers blooming where you live. In my little spot on the globe, spring is just starting. I still have piles of snow all over my yard, and we are almost certainly going to get another snow storm or two in April.

For the moment, though, it’s about 50 degrees—warm enough for a late afternoon stroll around the gardens.

The rockwall garden is loaded with pine needles. I may rake them out this weekend. I need to do it before too many flowers begin coming up.

I noticed a lot of tulips popping through. It's difficult to rake the needles out without hurting the tulips if they get much bigger than this.

I need to mix up some deer/rabbit repellent and spray it on all of the emerging tulip foliage.

The squirrels have distributed piles of their winter stash all over the gardens.
They have left tons of debris on top of the rockwall which they used as their winter dining room.
I am hoping to get outside tonight after work and begin my spring clean up.

I have A LOT OF WORK to do! So much raking, so much many sore muscles! I will have to start small, maybe one hour tonight. I have to remember I am not as young as I used to be and can no longer spend 10 hrs in one day working in the gardens.


  1. I know exactly what you mean! I would love to spend the whi=ole day out in the garden but my bodie always lets me down! Can't wait to see your gardens in bloom!

  2. I hear you Zoey!
    Sucks getting old!
    I just can't seem to do all that I used to be able to do! Dang! Oh well, so we learn to pace ourselves.
    My hollyhocks started opening this week... I will be posting pics soon!

  3. My yard is too wet to work!! I never heard from you about your cannas, I am putting mine in a big planter, to get started!!

  4. Zoey,
    That rockwall is beautiful! Did you and your husband build it?
    We used to get snow in April, back in the olden days, when I first came to Maine, but not so much anymore.
    Do you share your deer repellant recipe? If so, can I have it?

  5. Like you, nothing is growing here yet, the snow is just finally melting and everything is soaked. I also know we'll get more snowfalls yet! It takes me longer to do things now than it used to...this aging thing sucks! lol xox

  6. I am ready to get my hands dirty!! Our yard is a swamp. No not a swamp, a pond!! I hope the sun stays out so we can dry up soon.

  7. We are getting a lot of rain, so I may soon be in a swamp myself, and the flowers I have may drown!

  8. Zoey, your garden looks pristine compared to mine. I did spend an 8 hour day doing cleanup last weekend and lived to regret it! Oh, my aching back. Must pace ourselves.....

  9. Nice to see a post from you Zoey! Isn't it okay to use pine needles as mulch or don't you really need them where they fall?
    I want to start the spring clean up so bad, but it's too muddy and damp to even rake.

  10. Yeah me too -- so much work needs to be done, it is depressing! I do have crocuses & snowdrops blooming though! I dare not go out there very often because i will start to work in the garden lol....

  11. Thanks for the reminder, Zoey. Unfortunately, I just came in from several hours of raking, trimming, etc. I think I'll regret it tomorrow!


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