Sunday, March 18, 2007

Not a Pretty Sight

I store my 4 hibiscus trees in the basement during the winter. As you can see, they are in front of a large window to maximize the light. They lose all of their leaves and get these bugs (I presume aphids?). Even without leaves, they flower all winter.

Be sure to click on the last photo to see the critters in their full glory.
Disgusting, isn't it?

Every year (including this one) I take a bucket of very soapy water and wash every leaf, but it does not do much good. I've tried to sprinkle some bug-killing dust, but that didn't help either. I don't think it's healty to breathe that stuff in so I quit trying any chemicals.

I am now pretty nonchalant about it all. I just let them do their thing, because if it's the same as past years, I will take them outside in late May and all of the bugs will disappear within a few days. They will get nice and healthy looking by the end of June and bloom like crazy all summer long. So, why worry about it?

I've spent most of the day cleaning. It's becoming quite the chore to keep things orderly and work full time. I've let the house go for the past few weeks and today I paid the price. I am pretty beat.

I moved a couple of china cabinets (with DH's help) and added a bit of green with the silver just for a different look.

Right how I have a corned beef dinner boiling on the stove. We like to have an early dinner on Sunday, so we will probably eat before 5:00 p.m.

DH just came up from the basement with a load of laundry (it was nice of him to bring it up). Now I must go and hang up my clothes.

Hope you are having a wonderful Sunday.


  1. Those aphids look nasty! Good thing they disappear once you put the plants outdoors!
    I have corned beef in the crockpot for today too!

  2. Those bugs may be some kind of aphids-they look bigger than the ones I see on roses. It would be interesting to see what kind of bugs love hibiscus.
    I so wanted to make corned beef tonight, but I couldn't get any last night when we went food shopping. The weather was too bad on Friday. I bet yours was tasty. : )

    All about hibiscus

  4. zoey, I keep a quart spray bottle filled with 1/4 cup,iso alcohol,one tsp of Dawn liquid and filled with water. Spray plants liberally every week or so and this keeps those nasty things away all winter long.

  5. Hi Zoey, I'm back:-) I've only been out of touch for a few days but it feels like I've been away for a month! lol I'm trying to get caught up with everyone but I think it will take me a couple of days. Ugh, those aphids look yucky...hopefully what giddy said to do will get rid of them!! I'd be scared of them attacking other plants I have in the house.

  6. Yeah, that's truly gross, i must say.

    I have terrible problems with scales in the winter....of course if i actually tried to spray for them, that might help it is really my own fault.

  7. Those aphids do look horrible, but good to hear that they will leave the hibiscus alone once you take it outside. Let's hope the aphids don't find something else to settle on, like roses.

    Guess you're really looking forward to getting stuck into the garden again - and to hell with the housework!

  8. I have the same problem with the roses I have in cellar. I hate that moment every year when I see those disgusting bugs again.
    Please show your Hibiscus when they are blooming!
    Your China cabinet looks just GREAT! Love the green and silver.


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