Friday, March 30, 2007

I Hope It's Outdoor Working Weather This Weekend

Because I've sure got a lot of work to do!

Just look at all of these areas. In addition to the other two I showed earlier, there's about 6 areas that I did not even photograph.
This rockwall area will be the easiest because I cleaned it up pretty good in the fall.

The main Arbor Gardens will take the most time just because they are HUGE (this side goes all the way down to that pile of topsoil) and I didn't do much fall cleanup

The roadside of the Arbor Gardens. There are 4 smaller individual gardens with grass paths. All are surrounded by Sedum Autumn Joy and it all needs to be cut down. This is where I start to get blisters from the scissors.

The one really small area I have by the side of the garage. This will only take 10 minutes. I think I will do it first to get a sense of accomplishment. DH necds to try out the power washer I got him for Christmas on this sidewalk.

The Crabapple tree garden in the front yard. The two Alberta Sruce trees are turning brown. Nothing likes to grow in this acidic heavily-rooted area.
The Woodland area.

The other side of the Arbor gardens. All of those pine tree trunks you see have dropped a ton of needles that I need to rake out. Raking pine needles is the part I HATE.

Posted by Picasa Let's just hope the weather cooperates so I can at least get a few projects done.


  1. Too bad we don't live closer. I'd love to bag those pine needles for you and bring them back for my rhododendrons - they love the acid!

  2. You certainly do have a lot of work ahead of you but it's all so worth it once your flowers are all in bloom:-) Have a great weekend dear Zoey!! xox

  3. I've been reading you long enough now that I know you're going to have gorgeous planted areas to show us in a few months!!

  4. I feel for you! I usually start where people see the brown autumn leftovers-under the hedges and under the big evergreen in the front.
    I'm on meds that says I'm not allowed to be in direct sunlight-bummer-I hate waiting until next week!
    Have fun-it will all be green and gorgeous again.

  5. I've been working a bit each day out in the front yard, cleaning up the cover I left on from last year. All the little green shoots just make me smile. I too, hope that Michigan gives us decent weather this weekend.

  6. I love that rock fence. did you make it yourself?

    ~Happy Spring~

  7. Giddy, We bag up a lot and take them to my MIL. She loves them for all her acid-loving plants.

    Pea, Thank you. You have a great weekend, too.Aren't you going out of town?

    Susie, I hope so!

    Dianne, I hope you are getting well. All that work can wait.

    Jenn, How nice to see you!

    Rebecca, Happy Spring to you, too. Yes, we made the rockwall (about 17 years ago).

  8. I love to see the gardens as they emerge from their winter sleep. What a lot of work you have ahead of you. So do I!
    We were away for a few days, so I haven't really done any spring clean-up work yet.
    Your quilts are lovely Zoey. You always keep so busy. Buzy Bee Zoey..that's you!
    I have cannas to plant this year..given to our son and DIL by their neighbors...and then shared with us. They make me think of you :)
    We went back to the Cornell Plantations and oh, what a contrast! Everything was stripped back. Just a few bulbs coming up and some beautiful Heleborus and Winter Aconite, plus a large, yellow blooming tree. It was fun to see the difference from last September.


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