Monday, March 26, 2007

Is This Happening to Anyone else?

I seem to be getting this error about Macromedia Flash a lot lately.

This one happened on Sissy's page this morning, but that's not the only page. I am guessing that little wormy wiggles or something and my computer does not like that.

Does anyone know for sure what is causing it?

It causes a complete shut down of Internet Explorer, kicks me right off the blog and I can't read it.

It is very annoying! Between this and music slowing me down, I may never get to read another blog!

It was not as warm this weekend as predicted. I did not get back out to work in the gardens. I think it's going to rain every day this week, so now I will have to wait for the weekend. That's Ok, I have plenty to keep me busy inside.


  1. That happens to us a lot! I think there is a script your computer doesn't like on Sissy's page. Pea/Carole had a music player that knocked me off. She changed to the one I have and her page is fine now.

  2. I just visited Sissy's page and it's ok with my computer. No, the worm isn't wiggling. I think your problem maybe the slide show? I can't see all of the photos as I think it's too big for the sidebar. I don't have the sound on, so not sure if she has music.

  3. Zoey, if I read your error message correctly, it says you have Macromedia Flash 7 installed. The most recent version is now Flash 9. Download the latest version and maybe that will solve your problem. Or try using Firefox instead of Internet Explorer to view that blog.

  4. I use firefox too, and haven't had any problems like this. IE causes my computer to do some very weird things.

  5. Thanks, everyone.

    Kathy, I will have to check that out. Thank you.

  6. Firefox is the way to go, Zoey. Your browsing time speeds up, too!
    The script that runs and gunks things up for IE is the show in my side bar. I don't have music, it is a resource hog!!
    I am sorry all this happened on my blog...but try Firefox, it's free and fast.

  7. Hi Sissy, I agree about the music. I'll have to try to go back today and see if it works. I rebooted my computer yesterday, so maybe that fixed things. I leave mine on all the time---sometimes forget to shut down for weeks at a time.


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