Saturday, March 3, 2007

Finally Making Progress on the Cardinal Quilt

During the week, I worked on fixing the big green border. This is the big border before: I cut it down to 3 inches, added a thin orange border, and pieced another zig zag 6 inch border.

Don't you think that made a big positive difference? It does not pay to take shortcuts. I should have just pieced the border to begin with, but I wanted to take an easier direction and just sew on a wide fabric border. In the end, it just added more work.

I still can't put the stars on until I add another 6 inch border. Then it will be 54-inches square -- finally divisible by 9, so I can add the other stars.

So off I go to piece away my Saturday...........

3:15pm update:
I have finished the second part of the border. Whew, that took all day! It's so big now that the only place I have to lay it down is on the bed (try to disregard the quilt underneath).

Well, now ....... (picture Zoey scratching head)... HOW did it end up being 60 1/2 inches square? (picture Zoey remeasuring ... surely it can't be!). It is. (picture Zoey uttering unladylike obscenities). ***!!##### NOW WHAT?

I guess the stars will be a quilt of their own. They certainly won't work now on this one.

Woman cannot live by quilting alone, so I guess I must go find something to cook for dinner. I'm thinking shrimp scampi and rice...something easy because I'm not in the cooking mood.


  1. It's beautiful and the colors are sto striking!

  2. I don't understand the whole thing, are you sewing that? I liked the green!! (guess that goes to show my fabric ignorance!)

  3. I think it did improve it tremendously, and I wouldn't have guessed it, as I thought it looked fine in the before picture. Experience, good taste, and a generous fabric stash all help, don't they?

  4. Thank you, susie.

    LOL, Sissy. It can be so confusing, even for one who quilts! Yes, I am sewing this. I started with a 7" square cardinal block and I need to make it big enough to cover a King-sized bed. That's a LOTTA borders to add! The goal would be to add these borders in a pattern pleasing to my eye (since it's my bed). It easy to just cut a big length of fabric and sew it to each side. That's what I did with the big piece of green.

    I immediately regretted it because I thought the large expanse of green was out of proportion to the cardinal block. What I really needed was another pieced border (which takes way longer to do).

    It's just a matter of taste. It's perfectly OK to like the green. :)

    Kathy, A big stash is a must when you make quilts with no planning like I do. I am using up a lot of it for this one!

  5. I think it looks beautiful! A few more inches all around surely won't hurt correct?

  6. But, could you not cut the stars in half too? I use to watch Simply Quilts once in a while. : )

  7. Zoey,
    have you brought your cannas out, yet? I am thinking I will have to pot mine up, soon, if they are to get big enough in this short season we have in the Frozen Tundra...!

  8. Dianne, You would make a great quilter - you've got the right attitude! LOL.

    I don't start mine until the end of May. I don't bother starting them early inside. They grow fast, but they won't bloom until mid August.

  9. Oh Zoey, it's really turned out beautifully! Yup, it made a difference for the better the way you ended up doing it! I'm still in awe of you, the beautiful quilting you do with no preconceived ideas to work with! lol xox


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