Monday, March 26, 2007

I Got a Little Dirt Under My Nails Today

Silly me. I was removing all of this without wearing gloves. I had not planned to be digging in the dirt, that's why I had no gloves on. Before I knew it, my hands were right down there pulling out plants and my nails were stuffed full of good black soil. Good thing tomorrow is nail day!
I got this whole wheelbarrow full just from this tiny area around the tree. I am digging out an invasive creeping sedum.

Just look at this side mess.

This is only a small portion of the dozen or so areas I need to clean out.

My plan is to remove most of the plants from this side of the deck so I have a sunny place to plant sunflower seeds.

It's overwhelming to think of all the work that must be done, so I just take a little bit at a time.

See this?
I think it's a skunk hole under my shed. It was not there yesterday. I need to get that camera again to see if I can capture what's crawling in/out.

When I finished digging, I went inside to sew the last star border on my quilt.
It's so big now that I had to take it outside to get a full picture.
As you can see here, I decided to use the other bird blocks I made for each corner. I made them fit by adding the green border all around. I am so glad I got to use them as they took quite some time to make.
The quilt is still not big enough for a king bed, so I have to add another border. At the moment I have no idea what it will be--no stars as I am quite SICK of making stars! I need to figure it out soon so I can get it done before the full gardening season begins. If I leave it until fall, I will forget the block size, where the fabric is I am using, etc. It will save a lot of headaches to just get it all pieced now. The actual quilting will wait until next winter.

Geez, this is my third post today. I go for a week with nothing and then 3 in one day. I should have saved it for tomorrow.


  1. Who can walk out the door in spring and keep their hands in their pockets? None of us!

    You do have some ambitious projects going on there Zoey - good luck with the skunk and the sedum, and stars for the quilt.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  2. I feel for you, Zoey and can certainly relate. I did just a small portion of the perennial beds the other day and cannot believe the huge piles of debris. I still have the hillside and about 3/4 of the perennial beds to clean up. Oh, the pain! I;m also trying to get a sweater finished before planting season.

  3. Those yard pics will be so fun along side pics this summer... what a transformation we will see! Can't wait!
    Zoey dear, your quilt is sensational! What more can I say.... it's amazing!

  4. Zoey, which sedum is it that is invasive?? I don't want that one...

  5. Wow!!! Your quilt is fabulous. : )
    Thanks for sharing the finished product.
    I'm jealous as I haven't cleaned up one garden as I've beeb under the weather. I'd love to go out today when it's approaching 80. I found some shorts to wear.

  6. Isn't that the truth, Annie? Certainly no gardener can do it!

    Giddy, I saw your big load of debris, so I know we are in the same boat.

    Linda & Dianne, Thank you so much for the nice quilt comment. 80 Degrees, Dianne???? Wow. It was only 70 here and it felt great. Enjoy your day!

    Sissy, that awful stuff is called sedum 'coral carpet'. Stay Away From It! Here is an earlier post about it:

  7. Love that quilt!!
    I don't have fancy nails, but have done the same thing a million times. Can't stop my fingers.

  8. Zoey, put your gloves on! Your garden looks like mine, well, not quite as bad. I try to have tunnel vision this time of year and not see all at once the work that needs to be done, but only in sections! Your quilt is amazing.

  9. Thanks, Zoey! I always forget to check where I have asked a question!!


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