Sunday, March 4, 2007

Tulips in the Dead of Winter

Can Spring be Far Behind?

I was visiting Claudia over at the cabin earlier today and she had a great post about head vases. Not long ago, Linda over at Reminisce...also had a post about head vases. I do love these vases.

I have only one and she is a teenager. I would much rather have one of those lovely Victorian ladies, but so far I have not found any. They are hard to find these days because eveyone is aware that they have value. Gone are the days of finding them for fifty cents at a garage sale!

DH came home yesterday with a little bunch of tulips. Since the flowers by themselves were not enough to make much of a statement, I put them in the head vase. Together they make a nice little centerpiece in the kitchen.

I made a quick trip to Joanne's earlier to get more green fabric and noticed what a sunny day it was today. It won't be long now before my weekends will all be spent outside.


  1. Hi Zoey,
    Your Teen head vase is just lovely and a very collectable piece!
    I appreciate them now more than I ever did.
    I really enjoyed reading through your blog today-(I have a bit more time to visit on Sunday afternoons). Thanks so much for the link and have a great day! Claudia O.

  2. Believe it or not, I had never heard about or seen "head vases"!! Have you checked on ebay for the victorian style ones? Probably asking a fortune for them though! The tulips are just gorgeous and look lovely in that vase:-) xox

  3. Oh, your vase has the sweetest, most innocent look... she's darling, just darling!
    Thanks for linking me Zoey.
    And you're right, I rarely ever see head vases. Yours is a treasure... and the tulips are gorgeous!

  4. I've never seen a head vase either. The tulips look especially nice arranged in this one!!

  5. She looks like Alice in Wonderland- such a sweet expression. My mom used to have a head vase - there was a little glass parasol on a wire, too. I have no idea if it still exists, but should I ask her? It might just bring up bad memories because we were not very well-behaved children.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  6. I have never seen that before in my life! It looks a little crazy, with that head and those flowers, it cracked me up when I saw it!
    *but you know me, there's no accounting for taste!!**

    887 on eBay, so you may have your pick. I have a Victorian replica of a hand vase so it looks like it is holding the flowers. It's blue glass and I bought it from a friend who is an eBay seller.

  8. My Mum had one of these years ago! I wonder what she did with it, haven`t seen it since I was a kid.


  9. Hey Zoey! Hope you are doing ok.
    Missing you and your posting!

  10. I like the head vase, but I don't think anyone in my family ever owned one. I'm going to look for them and see if I can find one sometime.


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