Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Come Out, Come Out, Little Skunky.....

Or Whatever you are!

The camera is all set up just waiting for whatever critter made the hole under the shed (see post a few down) to come out.

It will be so exciting to see what it is and what time it comes out and goes back in (the camera will post the time on the picture).

I should know by this afternoon when I come home and download the chip.

You know it's so darn handy to have a blog. To refresh my memory of what I planted last year, I was reading through my label "Deck gardens", and I found these. I had forgotten that I bought them last summer. I really don't know at the moment where I will put them, but it will be fun to figure it all out. I am sure I can fit them in someplace among my 70+ containers I fill every year!


  1. OOOO! I cannot wait to see it!
    That camera is so awesome!

  2. I agree! I use my blog to remember things that we did last year and to see if what I planted came up. Thank goodness for blogland!!

  3. Blogging is a terrific way to remember little things that my mind no longer can remember!
    Maybe your little critter is camera shy???


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