Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Tropicanna Siblings

When sunlight streams through its huge leaves, my original Tropicanna canna lily has the most stunning foliage I have ever seen. It is brazenly bold with its striped foliage in orange, yellow, burgundy, and green with just a hint of pink.

Last year I discovered Tropicanna Gold with green/yellow striped leaves
and a flower that is a more yellowish orange color with a speckled throat. Nice foliage, but not nearly as wonderful as my original. (I know, I know, a mother should not favor her first born, but I just can't help it! *grin*)

I was thrilled when I found that a new color -- Tropicanna Black --came

out in 2006. I realize that this looks an awful lot like the old ho-hum cannas. But, judging from its siblings, I have to believe that there is something wonderful about this new one. The flower is a very reddish orange, which I like a lot.

My mission this year will be to find one of these.

Here are close-ups of the flowers of each Tropicanna:
Tropicanna Black flower
Tropicanna flower
Tropicanna Gold flower

Can’t you just imagine all three of the Tropicannas together?

Oh, heck, why waste your brain cells trying to imagine it?

I made a little collage to give you an idea of what the three would look like together.

I am beginning to get excited about the new gardening season!

I have so many container combos to plan.....must go check last year's pictures to rustle up some new ideas for this year.


  1. Oh my, they are gorgeous, aren't they and yup, I just know you'll find that latest one and make a beautiful arrangement with them:-) I'm itching to get at my flowerbeds and garden but there's still frost in the ground so it will have to wait a bit yet...we can't even think "garden" until May!!

  2. Pea, I know what you mean. All I can do for the next 6 weeks is clean up the gardens. I can't plant a thing until at least mid May. That's a good thing for me because it will take that long to clean everything up.

  3. By the way, had anyone noticed that the comment time is off? It seems like they have not adjusted for daylight savings yet.

  4. I just repotted my canna tubers last weekend and am still waiting for the first peek of green.

  5. Zoey I just stopped by your blog and wow, I am envious! Everything is so beautiful! I love the cannas and callas; I am going to order some right now. I am in zone 8, by the ocean and have NO IDEA how to take care of them but I guess its time to find out!
    My 20K landscaping is awful and dreary. I am going to use your site to help me show these high priced rip off artist how it is really done! Thanks for the inspiration!


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