Saturday, June 25, 2005

Living Wreath

This morning I made a living wreath. It was so easy--took less than 20 minutes from start to finish.I thought somebody else might be interested in doing this, so I took a few pictures of each step. I used a grapevine wreath, covered it with blobs of moss (I only a green decorative moss handy, so that is what I used - plain old spagnum would work just as well). Then I carried the wreath around the yard and yanked out hens and chicks and wired them right on top of the moss. I did not add any soil. The little soil that remains adhered to the roots when you pull them out is enough. If you use paddle wire, it is much easier to wrap. Just wrap and wrap until you have the wreath covered to your liking. Have you ever seen the prices charged for these? Do a google search for "living wreath". It is amazing considering how very easy they are to make. I have also made one with a wire base (last fall). Used the same moss procedure. I prefer the grapevine as it looks more full.

Dianne left this comment: Thanks for the demo on how to make a living wreath. I haven't tried this before. I guess it needs watering quite frequently.

Good question, Dianne. I meant to address the watering issue, but was so rushed to get ready for work I forgot. Because this wreath is made of hens and chicks (succulents) it does not need much water. If it rains at least once a week, you don't need to do a thing. If not I just give it a spray now and then with the hose as I water the other plants. Since I now have both of my wreaths placed underneath other plants, I expect that the overflow of water will be all I need.

The next question may be, "What do you do with it in the winter?". Last winter I just literally threw it on the ground next to the house and left it. Hens and chicks are very tough plants. It survived a Michigan winter with no problems. It did not look so nice when the snow melted, but it was alive and looks fine now.


  1. Thanks for the demo on how to make a living wreath. I haven't tried this before. I guess it needs watering quite frequently.

  2. I think I may try this idea this year Just got a ton of hens and chicks from a friend, and no rock garden in sight! :)

    I see you posted this four years ago. Just goes to show: a good blog post never goes bad. Thanks!


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