Monday, March 26, 2007

Nigella Feasts

"The interesting thing about food is that it's both reality and escape. …Before you know it, you have made something that seduces people."--Nigella Lawson

photo by James Merrell

And seduce them, she does.

I began hearing about Nigella Lawson a few years ago. I would read a phrase here and there, get a quick glimpse on the television, etc. Basically I knew she cooked and she was something of a sex symbol to male foodies.

Last year when FoodTV started commercials gushing about Nigella in their fall show lineup, I already had a preconceived notion that I did not like her.

I was wrong.

I have found that I like Nigella very much.

Last night FoodTV's Chefography series featured Nigella. I learned so much about her. She has had quite a tragic life (although she does not describe it as tragic). She lost her mother, her sister and her husband before she was forty years old.

You can tell she loves food and has a passion for cooking as well as eating. I like to see people who have a healthy attitude toward food. Aren’t you tired of people who turn down their nose everytime something with more than 50 calories is offered?

All in all, I like her charmingly British accent, curvy shape, and healthy attitude toward life. I do believe she is fast becoming my current favorite FoodTV personality!


  1. Nigella...a male in this house was intrigued by her. A few Christmases ago I got her Domestic Goddess cookbook (think that's the one without looking). I didn't even ask for it. Bri had seen it in the bookstore and decided I'd like it. I think he thought she was attractive and bought it on the assumption that she was gorgeous and cooks.
    I didn't see the chefography, but so sad about her losses.

  2. Isn't it funny how we can form preconceived ideas about someone and then find out we were so wrong about them! I've never heard of this chef but she does sound wonderful...I guess it's not her fault she has such a terrific body! lol

  3. I watched her chefography special too and like you, found a new admiration for this very strong lady. However, I still cannot imagine eating some of the dishes she's cooked on her show. While I love food (too much, quite often), my conscience won't let my get it past my lips.


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