Friday, June 12, 2009

Today I moved some Allium

This afternoon after work I moved these three allium behind the blooming chives. I like the repeat of the purple circles. There are some purple iris right next to the allium that will bloom in the next day or so. Behind the iris there is a huge clump or orange poppies, which will bloom soon. I do love vivid orange against purple.

This area in the woods behind my smaller arbor is really looking good. This is an area where I just throw shovel fulls of junk I remove from the main gardens.
It looks better than my actual gardens do! I don't even see any tall grass growing back here. I see grass all over my real gardens. If you look right in the center, you will see dandelion seed heads which I think look good. Here is a close up of the dandelion seed heads.
My real gardens don't look this good. It makes me wonder why I bother with all the work in the real garden areas. Maybe I should get rid of those gardens and just throw it all in the woods!


  1. This post made me LOL! I have often considered the very same thing, so coming from experience, I will tell you why we don't -- we either love the actually, physical aspect of gardening or we are just control freaks. It's both for me. I do have a few gardens and areas that I let Mom Nature have here way with, but even those I tweak a bit now and then.

  2. THis is the first year my chives have bloomed and they are just the prettiest thing! People are always asking what they are. I cut some and made a nice little bouquet in a kind of Irish coffee/Hot Toddy glass. Pretty!

  3. I like all the purples together too. Just be glad the 'weed area' looks so pretty! I look down the back to the wilderness behind my house and see flowers there and guess I dug up bulbs by mistake and that's where they ended up.
    As for the dandelions-you better grab those seeds or you'll be loaded with them next year!


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