Sunday, June 21, 2009

Queen Alexander -- She's as Lovely as I had Imagined!

My second new poppy bloomed today.

Here it is at 6:30 a.m. this morning when I went out to work in the gardens.

This one is called Queen Alexander. A few days ago I was visiting Kerri's blog, Colors of the Garden, and she had a pic of her beautiful salmon pink poppies. I commented that I hoped mine would be that same color. I think they are. I just wish I had more than one bud! Maybe next year.
It is so exciting seeing new poppy colors. Today I found two more plants in the rockwall garden that I think are new poppies (I studied my pictures from last year to try to find out where I planted the new orange and red poppies I bought last fall). There are two buds and I hope one of them turns out to be red.

It does not look like either of the purple Lauren's Lilac poppies I planted last fall will bloom, but at least they are alive, so I have next year to look forward to the new color.

I made a banana strawberry cake for dessert for DH's Father's Day meal of grilled steak, spinach salad and macaroni salad. It looks good, but we haven't tasted it yet.

Update: The cake was delicious!
I went out to the deck and picked a bit of pineapple mint for garnish.

while DH cooked the steaks,

which were also wonderful.
I hope you are all having a great Father's Day.


  1. That is a poppy to take your breath away!
    Dessert does look great-wish I could have a taste.

  2. We need the cake recipe !!!

  3. Oh my, that poppy is just gorgeous! I bought two new poppy plants last week and they're supposed to be pink in colour so I can't wait until they're ready to bloom!! I just went to get the tag for them...they're called Carneum Oriental Poppy:-) Your dessert looks so delicious, now you have me hungry for some of you deliver?? lol xoxo

  4. Oh gorgeous! And lovely food! Simply beautiful too! :)

  5. Zoey, I can't decide which takes my breath away more - Queen Alexandra or the Strawberry banana cake. Yum to both!


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