Friday, June 19, 2009

A Positively Prolific Parade of Purple

Right now everything in my garden is purple with just a splash of orange. These are chives growing in a barrel on my deck. As your eye wanders beyond the deck, you see the purple spring phlox with the orange poppies out in the wooded area.
Here is a view from near the road of purple iris. There are some orange poppy buds not yet opened and a few purple allium. Way off in the distance you see the wooded area of the same purple spring phlox in the first picture.
This is looking in the opposite direction (toward the road). I will remove that orange poppy tomorrow because it's one of the yucky poppies that I want to remove from my gardens.
In this photo you see the new path we put in last weekend. Again it is looking toward the wooded area.
The purple iris seem to be blooming better than usual this year. I do love them with the orange Oriental poppies.

Tomorrow I plan to spend a lot of time removing grass and just a general tidying up of the gardens.


  1. I love chives. I tried them here, but no good on that one.

    They make me smile. Such a simple plant, so generous with those little poms.

  2. Zoey, I love all your flowers! I live downstate from you, and I wondered if you had problems with the iris borer, too. I am ready to rip every iris out and give up. I think they migrated over from my neighbors yard, she doesn't really take care of her plants. So frustrating.

  3. Zoey, All the purple blooms are wonderful! I do love them with the orange. Looks like spring has finally arrived! Love shots to show the whole area with the great punches of color. Jean

  4. Your gardens look so nice and tidying! The purple makes a punch!
    We are getting rained out for yet another weekend. We were all ready for church and the heavens opened up.


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