Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Parking Under a Tree Causes Extra Work for Dear Husband

As soon as I came home today, Dear Husband noticed a lot of white spots on my car that he had just washed Sunday.

"Did you park near a tree today?" he asked.

"Ummmmmmm, yes," I sheepishly admit.

"I thought so! You have bird cr*p all over the side!"

"Really?" I didn't even notice."

"How could you possibly not notice? The whole side is white!"

I tell him it's fine--just leave it until the next time he washes the car (probably Sunday). He does it almost every Sunday.

He tells me he can't wait that long (it will harden on and be difficult to remove). I listen politely to the big why you shouldn't park under a tree speech, feeling just a tad quilty about not remembering--after all, I have heard it at least a dozen times.

Then he insisted on taking the car to a car wash. He came home and dried it all off so it was spot free and shiny.

You gotta love a man who washes his wife's car twice in four days.


  1. Gotta love a husband who buys you a beautiful maroon Impala!

  2. What a guy! And he isn't sweating the small stuff? Bad birdies!
    I will get his McD's item to him shortly. ; )

  3. By the way, birds can relieve themselves in flight too-the tree thing is just one place for them to do so.

  4. I wash my car twice a year. Once after the snow, salt, and dirt get caked on and spring appears and once after summer. Any other times are just a waste of water. :D

  5. We have great blue herons fly over frequently (like several times a day) and once in awhile they, um, relieve themselves in flight - and it only takes one of these birds to make a complete disaster out of a vehicle - no tree needed! In fact, you're better off parking under the tree because they fly over the them.

  6. I knew Jodi and I had a lot in common! "-)

  7. wow....what a guy....your car is pretty...


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