Sunday, June 14, 2009

A Big Project Finished

On Saturday morning I was outside at 6:30 A.M. digging out all of the plants in the way of a new walking path.

I put all the pavers in the approximate area where I wanted them. About 8:00 a.m. DH came out to help.

Many of you have asked me if he helps in the garden and I have given a ha ha reply, stating that he does not know a weed from a flower. That is true. But when I am in need of muscle, he is always there to help.

This area is extremely difficult to dig in because there is about 3 inches of top soil and a bed of rock underneath. I am amazed that anything at all grows here.

Anyway he managed to dig deep enough to lay the 16 pavers.

I think it only took him about 1.5 hours.

I moved some plants into the area, but still need a lot more. The path is settling in and we will add more soil after a day or two.

The pavers are still covered with dirt in this pic, but you get the idea of where it goes.

We decided to branch off in two directions, forming a "Y" (DH had to run to the store to buy six more pavers).

I moved the big piece of driftwood from the woodland garden to use as a focal point. I am not sure if it will stay here.

Right now the pine trees are throwing their yellow pollen all over everything.
Just look at the deck:

It's a miserable time of the year to be on the deck. Right now it's raining and I hope it rains hard enough to knock all the pollen out of the trees. Once it all falls, we can hose off the deck and began to use it.

I ran to the fabric store this afternoon to get in on the half-off-the-already-marked- down some $12/yard fabric for $3/yd. I am always in need of solid colors. Right now I am really liking black solid fabric as a background for quilt blocks. I bought 3 yards of a nice heavy shirting black cotton.
I plan to use that black print as a table runner.

I had a great productive weekend. I hope you did, too!


  1. That path looks great! Can't wait to see that garden area a bit later in the summer.

  2. Looks put up your feet and rest a little! Susan

    PS deleted first comment..can't type after long day!

  3. I love all the trees that you have in your garden. The paths look great.

  4. It really looks nice! And you have two choices where to walk!

  5. Nice black print. Can't wait to see it used.


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