Friday, June 26, 2009

Friday Night in the Garden

I forgot that I planted one pot of annuals. Weeks ago I bought this Gerbera daisy. I liked it's edges which look like someone took a pair of shears and made them all raggedy.

I bought one dracaena spike in a brown color to coordinate with it. I chose this container that a friend gave me. It used to be part of a small water feature. Dear Husband drilled a few holes in the bottom and now it's a unique flower pot.

My big spirea bush is blooming at its peak right now. It's so pretty, but only for a few days.
Here is the opposite side of the above arbor looking toward the road. As you can see there is a lot of green, but not many blooms. That will change in the next week or so when these white lilies in the front and many others will burst into bloom.
Looking through this arbor from the other side you can see a large patch of Oriental poppies in the back.
Here is a close up of the poppies. It's a big plant and part of it fell over last week during a rain storm. I really need to remember to put a wire cage around it next year.
This morning before I left for work I cut a few of these poppies and some peonies and combined them in my first garden bouquet.
By the time I got home this afternoon, the poppies had already wilted. They don't last long in a vase or in the ground. I think that is why I never tire of them. I only get to enjoy them for about two weeks each year.


  1. I am really happy with the orange Gerbera daisy I bought this year. I was at Home*Depot and wanted some Lantana-paid $8 for a large pot-that is a lot for me to pay-but I hope it spreads where I put it.
    Everything is shaping up in your gardens-looks nice! My Shasta Daisies are just starting to bloom..and the lilies that the deer didn't get to. I sprayed bug spray on them, but I got a recipe off the web for deer repellent.

  2. Beatiful!!! I love your landscaping!

  3. Love the colour of those gorgeous poppies against the white steps.


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