Wednesday, June 10, 2009

What a Cool Tulip!

They call it the Ice Cream Tulip.

It came in an email from Breck's today.

Isn't it wonderful? At $19.99 for 3 bulbs, I don't think I will be buying any. It takes at least a dozen tulip bulbs to make any impact in my garden (2 dz would be better) and I'm not paying that much per bulb. If you want to part with $6.00+ per bulb, you can go buy them here.

Danielle, thank you for your comment regarding the name of my tulips in the last post. I went and looked up the one you suggested. They do look similar, but I am not sure they are the same.

Mine are multi flowering (4 or 5 tulips on each stem) and those did not look to be. Mine did come from Breck's. I need to write to Brecks about the mix up. Maybe they will know for sure what they are.

I still have not been out planting. I think it's going to warm up a bit by the weekend so I may get out to at least do some weeding and work on the garden path.

Last night I went to look for annuals.....pathetic selection! I will have to pick out something because tomorrow the Big Kahuna wants me to do 4 planters at work. I am not in the mood to plant my own, let alone his, but he insists

Last year I wasn't in the mood either, so the Big K & I went out and just bought 4 potted containers and popped them in the bigger planters. I thought they were boring the entire season (I am not a geranium lover, but it was all we could find). I hope to improve upon the planting this year.

Wish me luck!


  1. Hopefully Breck's will give you an answer! I'll be interested to see what they are... so pretty!

    I love the ice cream tulips as well, but after looking for other photos online, I feel like once they are "open" they lose the ice cream feel. I'll find other places to invest!

  2. I love the Ice cream tulip but that is WAY TOO expensive! I can't even imagine paying that much!

  3. I love love that ice cream tulip! It looks just like you could 'take a lick'..way to expensive though. Maybe someone could gift you with a few of these bulbs??

  4. Love the yellow/pink tulips! They are beautiful and fun. You'd better hurry up and get in the mood or summer will be over. Any sign of those foxgloves? I have a bunch in a garden I never put them in. Jean

  5. Well I'll be darned, they DO look like an ice cream cone! lol How fascinating!! I've just come in from planting the rest of my plants in the faerie garden and I couldn't wait to get back's 60F and cloudy, perfect weather for the mosquitos! They were having a blast eating me alive! UGH! Nothing worse than being on your hands and knees, hands full of dirt and skeeters in your face and landing on your arms and legs! lol xoxo

  6. Prices in catalogs are crazy! I love irises, but I think the catalog that just came in the mail wanted $10 a rhizome! No way. I will look on eBay in the late summer.
    I meant to say how pretty your table runner was in the previous post.

  7. Try for much better pricing. I ordered for fall planting 2009. Every single bulb has come up. I'm just waiting for the blooms to fully open.


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