Thursday, June 25, 2009

Here it is the last week of June and my Deck is Still Nearly Bare

It's been sitting like this for over two weeks. Last weekend I did bring out my orange wicker table. I have never liked the dull orange color, but I do like that new curly grass I found last week at Home Depot.
I think it will come in handy to use in other floral arrangements.

Back to that orange table. doo................

Two cans of .96 cent black paint and it's transformed. I am thinking that this black and white combo is looking pretty chic. I think I will paint that birdhouse holding the curly grass black tonight.

Once I get the paint out, I tend to paint everything in sight. I actually began by painting this green sponge-painted chicken.
Sponge painting is so 80's, don't you think? LOL. Everything I have looked its best in the 1980's--including me!
I wish a fresh coat of paint would transform me like this. :)
I also grabbed these things which I like, but am not thrilled with the wood look finish. So now they, too, are black.
A wiser woman would have put gloves on both hands, not just the right one because when above object tips over one's instinct is to grab it.....not a good idea with bare hands.

I am having great fun with the black paint. I plan to look for more objects tonight.


  1. Join the club, Dearie! My deck looks pathetic. I had to reseed the morning glories as the earlier seeds rotted in the pots with all this rain and cool weather. The newly seeded ones came up, but they have been an inch tall for a week. The other plants are just lanquishing without sunshine, as are we.

  2. This is exactly what I will do in the next week-get out the spray paints and go to town! Everything looks new again, doesn't it?

  3. Oh Zoey this sounds just like me..I break out a can of spray paint and want to paint everything in sight!! Almost anyway..
    Love the new look..

  4. Oh paint is the greatest! It can change ANYTHING!

  5. Ooo! It's looking so sheik! How fun! What a great transformation! I love the black chicken!

  6. We recently tried out wooden chairs like those on your deck when we visited Kuekenhoff Tulip Gardens in the Netherlands. The chairs were so very comfortable ....... oh, and the gardens were spectacular too.


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