Sunday, December 14, 2008

Wrapping Paper Pinwheel Bow

I was looking through my Christmas binder today

(What? You don't have a Christmas binder?) and I came across a gift wrap idea that I had saved from last year.

I do believe it's from Martha Stewart.

It's very easy to do and I thought maybe some of you might like the directions to make one of your own. So I photographed all the steps.

There are a lot of steps, but really it only took about 15 minutes and that included taking all of the pics.
Step 1. Wrap the package.

Step 2. Take a matching piece of gift wrap and cut it long enough to go around the center of the package. The width will depend on how large your package is. Mine was pretty small so I cut it about 4 inches wide.

Step 3. Fold both sides in to the center.

Step 4. Wrap the band of wrapping around the gift and secure with tape on the backside.

Step 5. Cut a square of the wrapping paper and the band paper the same size. The size of the square will depend on how large your package is. I cut about a 4-inch square for my small package.

Step 6. These two pieces need to be glued as one piece. Instead of glue, I used some iron-on interfacing. It worked great. If you don't have this, just use glue and wait until it dries to go to the next step.

Step 7. Fold the square twice, to look like this.

Step 8. Cut on the 4 lines created by the folding to about 1/4-inch from the center. Make sure you stop the same distance from the center on each cutting line. Don't cut all the way through!

Step 9, Fold every other point over to the center. Tape each one down.

Step 10. Glue something in the center to cover the tape. I used a jingle bell.

That is all there is to it! You now have a beautiful package with a bow that cost next to nothing. Have you ever bought a single nice bow? They are not cheap. And they certainly are not unique and made with love as this one is.

Have fun and if you make one, I would love to see it! Leave me a comment so I can go to your blog to see it.


  1. Wow! You decorate all those trees and still have time to make these beautiful bows! Your home looks wonderful! I love the colors and I'm happy to know there are other blue flower shoppers out there!
    I am jealous of your white Christmas!!!

  2. These are cute as can be! I guess you could use spray glue adhesive to stick the two color squares together (do it in a well ventilated area) or use tacky glue, but spread it out good-I use the phony CC they send in the mail). You wouldn't even have to do the band either. Wouldn't itty bitties be cute too?

  3. Very cute! Also if you have double-sided paper that would look awesome & be even easier. I have a lot of scraps that are too small to wrap much but i can't bear to part with. Oh, goodie, a new project. Heh. Just what i need.

  4. Yes Zoey sure I have a Christmas binder but displace it during the year and don't find it again until the next Christmas is'd think I'd learn..grin
    Pretty are so 'gifted' my dear. I love to see all the ideas you come up with. I'm freezing here.. -40 with windchill. Yikers!!

  5. Zoey, what great bows those make! They seem easy enough so I'll give them a try and will let you know how they turned out:-) xoxo

  6. Hi Zoey:

    Love it! I sat at my desk at work and made one!



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