Saturday, December 20, 2008

Another Busy Day

But aren't all days extra busy this time of the year?

I was at Joanne's this morning and they had these lime green sparkly sprigs for 60% off, which made them only .40 each. I bought all they had - 10 of them--to go on my aqua tree. I am not sure if you can see the color here, but to the left of the bird is the green sprig. My computer shows everything too dark and I never know just what you see.

Anyway last week I received a Coldwater Creek order for some Christmas ornies that I thought were a bronze color. Imagine my surprise when I opened the box and I had 3 pkgs. of 6 each of these lime green sequined balls!

The error was mine as I did not notice that they had only lime green left. I never return anything because it's too much of a hassle, so I decided to open them up and see what they looked like with the bronze garland.

I was pleasantly surprised that I liked it! So I put all 18 of them on the garland. When I saw those sprigs today, I thought they would work nicely to tie in the aqua tree with the green on the garland (it would look like I planned it that way). I discovered that Aqua and lime green go quite well together.

Later in the afternoon I got out the silver cleaner and spiffed up my appetizer serving utensils.

Even though I keep them in a box, they were pretty tarnished.

I also spent some time making up my treasure hunt list in Microsoft Word. It took a bit of time to remember how to put in check mark boxes. I finally figured it out and printed off 20 of them.

Then I wrapped all of my little gifts for the games. I don't take any extra effort to wrap these. I have a couple of dozen of them and I just cover them with paper and throw them under the tree. If they are odd shaped they go into bags. My Mom and sister will also be bringing game gifts. We will have 30 - 40 of them. Everybody loves to get gifts and I like to make sure they get plenty of them! I buy gifts all year as I find things that are drastically marked down.
I have wrapped everything from body lotion to holiday spatulas!

I called all of my siblings to see what members of their families were coming and what they were all bringing for food. So I think everything is pretty well underway.

After dinner tonight we will go down to the basement and bring up my old dining room table and six chairs. I am so glad I saved that as it comes in very handy for events like this! Shoot, I didn't make a centerpiece for that one....I guess I will have to make another trip out in the snow for greens.

It's amazing that it's only 4 days away!


  1. oo the lime green would look great with a peacock blue! You need to put peacock feathers on your list for next year!

    You are right...our decorating is very similar...LOL...twins separated at birth...

  2. What a great idea, Susan! You can bet I will be looking for some peacock feathers....I can already see them poking out all over the top...

  3. Since aqua/teal and chartreuse/lime are two of my favorite colors-I enjoyed seeing what you did with the new sprigs and balls-very pretty!
    I bet your party will be tons of fun!

  4. I love the lime green accents! Really ads some zing. Your slushes sound very good even tho I'm not a drinker. I'm sure you'll have a wonderful party, sounds like lots of fun! Jean


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