Sunday, December 28, 2008

All the Trimmings Have Been Packed Away

And what a job it was! This is today's stack to haul down to the basement. Yesterday was even worse.

I am just happy it is finally done.

I have also been busy turning all of my holiday leftovers into new dishes. On Christmas I cooked a ham with a bone. I told DH to skip the trendy spiral hams (I find that they dry out pretty quickly) and get me a plain old ham with a nice bone for flavor. He did and we were not disappointed.

I took the leftover spinach dip and cheese ball from Christmas Eve and put them in my filling for twice baked potatoes. There were only four of us for Christmas dinner, but I made 20 potatoes and froze them. I think twice baked potatoes are pretty labor intensive and why do all of that work for just four potatoes? I now have numerous side dishes for future meals. After a nice dinner and a very tasty day-after-Christmas breakfast of ham and eggs, I took the meaty ham bone this morning and made navy bean soup. I soaked the beans overnight
and the soup turned out delicious.

For dinner tonight, I tossed my leftover meatballs into some jarred spaghetti sauce and made a quick,easy meal.

Boy, do we have the snow this year! Doesn't it looks like DH was making a maze in our front yard? He snowblows paths all around the house so the meter readers can get to the meters.

Tomorrow I go back to work. Actually I worked much harder this past week than I ever do at my job, so it will be like a vacation to get back!


  1. I hope you had a nice party this year. I figured you were taking down your decorations-see how well I know you? We'll leave them up a while longer, especially the window with the snowmen as to me they are more seasonal. I like to look at them at night too.
    Great food ideas. Don't you use jarred tomato sauce all the time? I rarely use anything else, but I do get tired of the red.
    Happy New Year!!

  2. That is a huge job done! I still have company on New Years Day so I leave everything up until then. I wish I was done! Your soup and potatoes look great. Jean

  3. Wow that must have been quite the job Zoey..taking all your decorations down! I have cleaned up all the decorations on the main floor. I left the decorations up in the rec room..want to enjoy them a bit longer. Storage room is close by so it's a one step cleanup once I decide to do it.
    Great ideas with your leftovers..I made a crustless quiche the day after Christmas using up leftover veggies and ham. I love finding new ways to use up leftovers.

  4. Happy New Year, dear Zoey!! I'm back blogging after my mini break and am having fun catching up with everyone:-)

    Doesn't it seem like we just put UP our Christmas decorations and already it's time to take them DOWN?!! I've only got my tree left to take down and I'll do that tomorrow. The rest has all been packed up and stored back in the basement.

    Such wonderful dishes you made with the leftovers! I didn't have a lot of leftovers because I made sure my boys brought a lot of them home when they left! lol

    Wishing you and yours all the very best that 2009 has to offer, dear Zoey. xoxo

  5. I don't relish the taking down of decorations, but after the kids/granddaughter go home the tree seems a little lonely and forlorn, bereft of it's presents...and the house is waaaay too quiet! So I put the stuff away so it won't remind me that they're gone. :-(
    Your food looks very yummy!

  6. Oh where, oh where is our dear pal Zoey? I miss you!

  7. I love to cook a ham because you really can make so many meals from one! Thanks for sharing!

  8. I can't tell you how impressed I am that you've put away all your decorations, Zoey. I'm pondering doing it, but nothing has happened so far.


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