Monday, December 1, 2008

Who Knew They Made Aqua Christmas Tree Birds?

Not once did it occur to me to have an aqua Christmas tree this year.

Then I made those little aqua rosettes for the valances.

Then I saw (and bought) those aqua teardrop ornies.

Then I found that aqua ribbon in the basement.

The next thing I knew I had an aqua Christmas tree.

When I was on my pre dawn shopping spree, guess what I saw? Aqua birds! By this time I was obsessed with aqua and I knew they were exactly what I needed for the finishing touch on my main Christmas tree.
You can probably see the price on the box, but no way did I pay $5 per bird. I got them at 70% off and I bought all they had - 4 boxes (8 birds).
Are they not gorgeous? I mean just look at that little bit of bling on the tail!

How could I possibly resist?

I also bought a couple yards of aqua fabric for a tree skirt. I didn't even sew it, just folded under the raw edge. Big Lots had a nice roll of wrapping paper with aqua boxes for only $2. I bought that, too.
Here you see more of the skirt and less gift boxes. If you click on it, you can probably see all of the birds.

I am now finished tweaking this tree. And even though I never wanted an aqua Christmas tree, I must admit that I really like this one!


  1. Your trees, your house all of it is so beautiful. Can you come and put up my tree?

  2. Yes! The birds were the finishing touch for the tree and the fabric grounded it!
    I didn't know you had a Big Lots there. Mine is about a mile down the road.

  3. I was dubious when I saw the birds in the box but that tree looks gorgeous. Who knew? You always amaze me each year when you decorate your trees.

  4. Omigosh, your tree ended up so beautiful! I love the Aqua colour and you're right, those birds fit in perfectly. xoxo

  5. I am drooling over your aqua Christmas tree!
    I love silver and aqua together!

  6. Here in Australia, and living alone so Christmas decorations do not always get up, but have finished the tree..left it all gold this year....usually have a dull soft merging to olive baubles as well.........
    But also found the ornaments I had when in a flat/apartment before I married etc.....had a very stylized silver artifical tree with teal and tourquise and silver ornaments. It was quite striking back in the early '70s and unlike most others.
    I like you pink tree....although I am not a fan of a lot of pinks I love that soft one with the grey. I played around with some twigs I had pained grey...must photograph them.
    Alas I have a brick basement so having too much is a bit of a problem but I am sure I still have a green tree with red baubles somewhere.
    More fun to decorate now there are blogs to share.


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