Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Driving Down a Snowy Winter Road

3:30 pm driving down the road to my home.

There's my mailbox.
It's so beautiful that instead of going inside, I took a short walk back down the road and then to the back yard. I don't know how much more snow we got today, but I heard people at work talking about 9+ inches.
It is gorgeous out there!

Inside I found some cute candy ornaments.

Until a few minutes ago, I didn't remember that I had them. If I had, I would have used them on the kitchen tree.

I was looking through a disc of Christmas past photos to find a particular table I did when I saw these. Now I remember that I bought them after Christmas one year. They must be packed in the big gingerbread man tree tote. I only pulled a few things from the top of that tote for my kitchen tree.

I wonder what else might be in there?

Every year I come across items that I have forgotten. I own too many Christmas ornaments.

It's a good thing I have a basement.


  1. Wow-that's a winter wonderland! (but it's still autumn!)
    Listen to this-it was in the 20s on Monday and expected to be in the 60s tomorrow-is that crazy or what? No wonder people don't feel well.
    Love your candy ornaments. Could you make a evergreen swag someplace in the kitchen to hang them on? I am doing things a little at a time as I have to move so many things in my little rancher. I have way too many ornaments too!

  2. 60's? Wow! I guess you don't have any snow then.

    I am afraid to look outside this morning to see how much more snow we got.

    A wreath/swag is a good ides. I will have to see if I am in the mood this weekend. I still need to make a big swag for the dining room table.

  3. I'm jealous! That's all I would ever want for Christmas... is a basement! Ya, right.
    The snow pics are beautiful!

  4. We had about an inch of snow Saturday to Sunday. It was just enough to put you in the Christmas mood. Now it's too warm and rainy for December.

  5. Wow....that is a load of snow! We have been snow-free so far, but our first winter storm is predicted for this weekend, so guess the unseasonably mild weather will be coming to an end.

  6. Wow! And everyone thinks we live in the Great Frozen North!

    We've had just 5 inches so far, but oh, the winds!

  7. Hi everyone,
    We have 25 inches on the ground so far with more in the forecast. I think it's going to be a record snowfall year!

  8. I thought I had too many ornaments. I collected what I thought were ones I could donate, so far I have pulled every one back out. There are some things I think you should just keep. I think I remember the candy ornaments.

  9. LOL, Willow. I am always pulling things back out of my get-rid-of bags!

  10. That's gorgeous. I miss snow. But then again, I'm quite happy wearing shorts and T-shirts in the middle of December. It gets down to the 50s at night. I've got flannel sheets and 3 blankets! Haha.

  11. That is so pretty! I always say there is nothing like freshly fallen snow and when the sun comes out everything sparkles!!


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