Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Treasure Hunt Christmas Party Game

I have been working on my treasure hunt items for our Christmas party.
All of these items will be hidden around the house. Each guest will have a sheet of paper with the items listed. It might say "a McDonald's chicken McNugget with antlers". He would be in the middle top row. When they find him, they will check off the box. When they find them all, they get to pick a gift.

Hey, Christine, I know you are probably popping in here thinking you are getting a head start. :)

I have printed copies of this box full of items and everyone will get to see it so they have an idea of what they are looking for. So it won't matter that you saw it first because you don't know where they are hidden. I am a sly one, aren't I? hee hee
By the way, make sure you get in the gift stealing exchange. It will be fun.

The whole purpose of games like this is to get people up and moving. It's always more fun than if they are plopped in a chair all evening. Some people won't play (most of the men), but that's their loss. We ladies have fun. I don't get to play, but I have fun making up all the games.

Does anyone else have any games they play that they would like to share? I can always use new ideas! I have a new one for this year, but I have to get ready for work, so I will tell you about it later.


  1. At my hubbys work party a number of years ago we played a "break the ice" game. There were slips of paper with movie stars names on them. You couldn't look as you picked and you had to tape it on your back...still no peeking. Then people had to describe the movie star to you while you guessed. It was a lot of fun and got people up and talking. :)
    Have fun!!! A treasure hunt sounds like a blast!!

  2. Dawn,

    That is almost exactly the new game I am planning for this year! I plan to pin it to their back as they come in the door and they would ask questions throughout the evening to try to find out what character they were. I was thinking of fairy tale characters.

    I am glad to hear you thought it was fun!

  3. We use to play a pen and paper game... I think it was called Consequences. Everyone gets a piece of paper and writes down a lady's name (known to the group or part of the group) and the word 'met'-folds it and passes it to the right...then a guy's name-fold and pass...where they met...what she said, what he said...what happened (the consequences of their actions)...we had some good times laughing over these-even guys. Everyone was clean with what they said-usually.

  4. Oh gosh-Wikipedia had a sample!

  5. I found an online version and was playing-ha!
    "I am high on you!, Now! on the floor" Tim Daly demanded, his face suffused with lust and loathing.

    "Never," Dianne cried, "I'm in the clouds over you!"

    She desperately looked around Top of the Washington Monument dazzled by the press photographers flashing bulbs.

    As she closed her eyes all she could remember was They rode the elevator up and down all day!

    Also if you play the paper version, the first thing before the names should be an adjective describing the person.

  6. Dianne,
    Thanks! That sounds like fun, too.


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