Monday, December 15, 2008

A Piece of Junk, some Greens & a Bread Pan

Now Here is Some Red that Does Not Clash with My Holiday Decor
I was reaching for a coffee pot filter when I glanced out the window and saw Mr.Cardinal sitting snugly inside this shrub. I think he is trying to stay warm in our below zero windchills.

We had rain this morning so a lot of the snow hanging from the trees disappeared. I need some greenery to make a centerpiece, but when I first got home, I decided it was way too cold to go out and cut down greenery.

After about an hour I changed my mind. If I don't get the greens before the next snowfall, I may never get them. So I threw a long coat and boots over my jammies and braved the -3 windchill factor. Here I am returning with my bounty. See the jammies poking out of the coat?

I set the greens aside to absorb water while I prepared dinner.

After dinner I made the centerpiece. It didn't take long at all.

It's just a bunch of greens with a few sprigs of faux pink flowers and one silver taper candle to match the chair covers.
It goes nicely with the tree. You would never guess by looking at it that the vase is a bread pan! I needed something high enough to hold water and this was the first thing I saw that fit the bill.

The candle sits in an old rusted holder that I shoved lightly into the foam and then stuck greenery branches in at an angle to hold it down.

It doesn't take much to make a nice centerpiece.


  1. Love the jammies! You go girl!

  2. So pretty and it's hard to believe what is underneath the finery.
    You should put your house in the Christmas tour!

  3. Love the pink decorations.A spot of something different, looks so pretty.


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