Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Sedumn Autumn Joy Darkens

The Sedumn Autumn Joy has turned its dark rich color. A lot of my SAJ in the rock wall garden was trampled by falling/dragging tree branches when the tree company removed the pines. It is pretty tough, so I feel confidant it will come back just as strong next year. Notice that these SAJ's are different hues of red/pink. They look different in each garden, depending on the amount of sun.


  1. Ok, thats it. Youve convinced me. Next year Im moving the AJ sedums from the shady never seen part of the house to a sunnier place.

  2. WOW...the AJ looks so nice. Mine didn't go that dark yet.


  3. Sedum 'Autumn Joy' is one of my favorite perennials. In my current garden, I started with three tiny plants three or four years ago, rescued from a Big Box nursery that was ready to throw them out, and I now have them in several spots in my landscape, and have given away many cuttings over the past few years.


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