Monday, September 5, 2005

Don't Ever Change Your Email Address

What a pain it is! I switched from Dial up to DSL a few days ago and am having so many problems ever since (with this Blog). I am sure it has something to do with the change of email address even though I have changed my profile and changed in dashboard. I have removed all cookies and temp files and rebooted at least four times. Today I noticed that Alice and Sandy left a comment. I got the email notification from Alice's comment, but not from Sandy's.

For two days I have been trying to add Alice's blog to my blogroll by subscribing in Bloglines. For some reason that does not work either. (update: 6:00 p.m. - success at last--after at least the 12th attempt--perseverance does pay off!)

So I apologize if you have left a comment and I have not noticed it.

If anyone has had the same problem and knows the answer, PLEASE, PLEASE let me in on the secret! I have emailed blogger, but it could be days (if ever) before they answer.


  1. Lately I have found a comment or two on my blog without email notification, which has sometimes turned up some hours later. So it sounds like it may actually be a Blogger problem.

    Thank you for adding a few Aussie gardeners to your links.

  2. I just had to tell you, you are the container queen. I was actually trying to prove to my husband, that I am just a small time gardener compared to some. So I just had to show him your blog. I'm actually trying to get myself out of the doghouse, as he has been spending the last 4 days building me a new retaining wall. Your garden's are fabulous, and I'm really excited to see my 1 SAJ do it's thing this year, I just planted it this year. I can't believe how many you have. Obviously, it is a good choice in plants. Can't wait till it gets big enough to divide. I know, I know, just buy more. I already have too many plants for my gardens. I can't help myself. I browse through Sandy's garden and make my wish list and then off to the nursery. I must stop the madness and not listen to those little voices in my head.

  3. Thank you, Mrs. Wilson.
    I started with one SAJ, too--and then there were two, and then four --they multiply quickly. It won't be long and you will have a dozen. LOL.
    You have one handy husband - I saw the beautiful arbor he built. Hope you made it out of the dog house! :)


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