Sunday, September 4, 2005

Nothing Beats the Blue of a Morning Glory

Just last week I put this morning glory in my "Flops 2005" file. I was not happy with the plant at all. The foliage yellows and the first foot and a half of the plant is pretty bare. Today I was pushing the wheelbarrow through the backyard when I looked up and saw all these blue flowers and I had to stop a moment and admire the sight. Of course, I went right inside to grab the camera to share with all of you. I guess even the flops have their moment of glory! (Especially with a little creative container arranging to hide their flaws!) I added this after Dianne's comment that it did not look like a "flop" to her. I must admit that this picture does make it look better than it really is. And, of course, on most days when it looks really bad, I don't post the picture!


  1. Hmmm...doesn't look like a flop to me! Anything that has more than 2 blooms is a success to me. I am still waiting on the moonflowers to bloom. I think it may be a bit too shady where I planted the seeds. Out of 8 seeds, maybe 3-4 came up. They are really neat when they do bloom.

  2. Dianne, I tried moonflower once, but could not get it to bloom. I would love to plant moonflower and MG together so that I would have day blooms and night blooms. Have you tried that? Be sure to post a pic if yours blooms.

  3. Great pic Zoey. I just posted pics of "My" morning glories (Wanda's LOL) and they had five blooms all at once...I was SOOO excited. I think she plans to put them along her fence next year. Thanks for the wonderful MG pic.


  4. So beautiful! I'm thinking of planting some next year on the front trellis. My clematis is looking sickly this year and I don't know if it'll survive.


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