Monday, September 19, 2005

Country Gardens Magazine

Remember my rant last month when this magazine sent me my renewal rate at $33.97 for two years? Well, as I said then, I did not resubscribe.

Today they sent me a "please come back former subscriber letter". Guess what the new rate is? Only $24.00 for two years. That is about $9 less than it was last month!

I wonder if it will get lower if I wait another month? LOL.


  1. Only get a magazine if you truly benefit from it and what to keep it(sounds like a pack rat speaking). I like the Country Garden magazine, but my favorite is still Martha Stewart Living.

  2. I like both! And I like the new price better!

  3. Interesting - I've never bought Country Living OR Martha Stewart Living. My faves are Fine Gardening, Horticulture and Garden Design. Can't live without a few gardening mags, esp in winter!


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