Saturday, September 17, 2005

One Man's Accomplishment Becomes My Liability

Yesterday the tree company did not show up. He had said he might not be able to make it on Friday, so we were not all that upset. I guess September is a busy month for them. So now they are coming next week.

I decided to get 4 more huge ugly pines cut down. They are directly behind my smaller arbor in the back yard and I have hated them for the past 15 years. They hide a huge old maple tree that I have always wished to have in my extended view. Having them removed is an expensive extravagance, but I have finally decided that I am not getting any younger and NOW is the time to make the splurge.

We have had somewhere in the vicinity of 17 of these pines taken down in the past 5 years. I hope with these 8 going next week, we will be done.

The elderly man who owned this subdivision land, stopped by one day a few years ago when we bought the lot next to us. He proudly told me the story of how he got all these pine trees free after the war (WWII in the 1940's) and planted every one by hand. I just smiled and nodded in agreement at what a great feat it was.

Secretly I was thinking, "So your the man that has cost me thousands of dollars to remove these ugly monstrosities!".

Years ago I wrote in my garden journal that one day I would have a swing under that majestic old maple. Next year I may have.

I was in the basement (my treasure trove of junk. I use the term "junk" in the most loving way) looking for more floral foam and came across my two cornucopias. I think I will make fall arrangements in these today if I can find the time. We have to move the smaller arbor today as well as all the furniture in the woodland area to get ready for the tree compay. I also have a wedding to go to tonight, grocery shopping, and general errands. It will be a busy Saturday.

I included the floral foam in this picture just in case anyone is wondering how you buy it, what it looks like, etc.

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