Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Houseplants Multiply

Until today, I had very few house plants (two Christmas cactus to be exact).

Now I have nine.

I just could not toss the seven large hanging baskets of wandering jew, so I brought them inside. They were huge, so I cut them way back and placed them on top of various cabinets in the living room and family room. I have five of them in the living room.

I have never had much luck with indoor plants, but these seem very easy to grow with a low light requirement. I just hope they don't start turning brown and dropping leaves all of the floor. If they do, they will be tossed for sure.


  1. Good luck with the wondering jews. They look nice in your 'neat as a pin' living room.
    I still love African violets and don't kill too many of them. ; )

  2. Thanks, Dianne. Have you found the wandering jews difficult to grow?

  3. That last shot is very good. They look great on your entertainment center.

  4. Do you mean my African violets? Not really. They need to be repotted about once a year. I am running out of space. I seem to have a mite invasion, but it's been around my AVs for years.
    I have even started some AVs from a single leaf. My late grandmom use to do that too. It must be in my genes.
    I have grown w js before and I remember hanging them in a filtered light situation.

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  6. Wow! You are very tidy and organized Zoey. Not that it really surprises me. You strike me as a bit of a perfectionist. Am I right?

  7. Thank you, Sylvana.

    LOL, Sandy. Maybe A perfectionist wanna be. I do indeed like everything clean, neat and organized, but it is not always that way. With working about 8.5 - 9 hours a day and spending one hour getting ready for work each morning, I just run out of time to get everything done! Actually it is probably not the time, but the ENERGY that I run out of!

    Dianne, I thought maybe you had grown W.J's and not had much luck. I do believe I have seen pics of your Af. Violets on your blog, so I know you do quite well with them.

  8. You have made a beautiful home, Zoey.


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