Wednesday, September 21, 2005

The Apprentice: Martha Stewart

I am looking forward to watching Martha's new show tonight on NBC at 8:00 pm EST. I hope it is better than her show on TLC. I have seen two episodes so far and have not been thrilled with either. I don't care an iota about her celebrity guests and I don't want to see a new warm, funny Martha. Martha is a bitc* -- we all know it, so don't attempt to give her a fake new personality. She did not get to the top by being warm and funny. I want to see more of the cooking, craft, and tablescape demonstrations that made her what she is. Nobody does a dinner table like Martha! She is the queen of mixing and matching table accessories. I have read every book she ever wrote and I have learned from each one. Please, please don't turn her into another hostess of a dull celebrity-filled talk show.


  1. Hey Zoey,
    Did you catch MS Apprentice? I think it's a totally rip-off of 'The Donald's' Apprentice. Take a good concept and run with it, right Mark? (the producer) I did like seeing other people besides George and Carolyn, but to use your own daughter? Geez-what does she know?
    I don't mind the new MS syndicated show. To tell you the truth, she had to do a show where she was more down-to-earth after what she has just been through. Her old show was a little stale except when she made it more special with Halloween ideas, etc.
    Anyway, why doesn't she retire? She's 64. ; )

  2. Yes, I did watch it. I liked it enough to continue to watch. I think it is supposed to be a total knock off on the Donald. He was on the TLC show yesterday. Did you see that one? He and his daughter--oops, I mean latest wife (I am so nasty, aren't I?)---were making meat loaf with Martha. Yeh, like the Donald is going to go home and whip up a meat loaf!
    I did not see where the daughter added anything of interest to the show either. Maybe she will take on more of a role in the later episodes. I am sure she just needed a job and mama came through!

  3. Yes, that meatloaf episode was a hoot! MS and DT along with Mark Burnett have to be the most powerful people in the television industry right now.
    I believe Alexis (the daughter) was more of an expert on 50s decor or decorating with metal-lol. I remember seeing her apartment in a MSL mag-all metal. She rennovated some diners too if I remember correctly. Wonder if she is still married?
    Have a great time on your mystery weekend. They were doing something like that on a smaller scale in the next town over and we never attended-stick in the muds we are!

  4. Dianne, I do believe that Alexis is now divorced from her attorney husband (who was on Martha's defense team). She owns (or did own) a gym in the Hamptons. That is about all I know of her :)


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