Friday, September 2, 2005

BlogDay has Come and Gone

Did anyone know that August 31 was Blog Day?

I did not find out about it until I started surfing my foodie blogs. It seems all the foodies knew about it.
The purpose of BlogDay was this:

Each blogger was to share 5 new blogs with their readership. Preferably blogs with different content from their own.

I love to scout out new blogs, so I found it quite interesting surging this morning. I found a few that I will revisit, and I am still planning to check out more.

If you also like aimless surfing, you can search technorati tags for “BlogDay2005” and do a little surfing yourself…even easier, just click this link:

On a totally different matter…is there a problem with blogger sending emails when comments are left? I don’t seem to be getting the notification emails. I got one yesterday, but I see that 3 or 4 people left a comment. I am concerned as I did change internet providers two days ago. I went into blogger and put the correct email address. I hope I don’t have big headaches coming my way. If anyone else is having problems then I will know it is blogger and not the fact that I changed providers.


  1. So far I've had no problem about being notified by email about comments. I hope yours is only a little 'hiccup', not a big 'headache'.

  2. Thank you, Alice, for posting a comment. I did get it. I went in to my cookies and deleted everything and rebooted my computer so maybe that fixed it.

  3. I have been getting my notifications too Zoey...hopefully its fixed with your cookies deleted and rebooted.



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