Friday, September 16, 2005

A Fall Tablescape

My blog description indicates "tablescaping" as one of my interests. You haven't seen much of that because I simply haven't done much of it since Christmas.

"Tablescaping" to me just means creatively setting a dinner table or arranging a side table.

I especially like to do it in the summer, so I can incorporate my flowers. I collect both dishes and mid-century tablecloths. I have enough of each that I can have a lot of fun playing. I rarely set a table with all the same china, glassware, etc. I like to mix and match (there really is no fun involved in simply setting out an expensive matched set of "good" china, is there?) I really like this table and it is the one I had planned to reproduce tonight. But, alas, I spent all my time in the garden and on the computer, so it did not get done.

The picture you see is from last year. You can tell it is the same time of the year as the centerpiece is made from the same flowers that I have blooming now.

After about a week I replaced the centerpiece with a fresh arrangement of Sedumn Autumn Joy.


  1. Very festive! Are the bananas and cucumbers salt and pepper shakers?
    I remember my mom having a tablecloth similar to this one.

  2. Yes, Dianne, they are. Each plate has a different fruit/vegetable shaker.

  3. Nice plates Zoey. I love the linen too. I always set my table nice when I have company. (Yes I really do iron the linen).

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