Monday, June 2, 2008

I Don't Know Why it's Called Vacation...

I worked half a day today and am now on "vacation" for the remainder of the week.

It is 6:00 p.m. and for the last 7 hours, I have been working harder than I've ever worked at my real job. When I came inside I practically fell into the shower. I was totally spent. Seven hours of physical labor is too much for me these days.

It's a beautiful day here. I've been working in the sun and my face is beet red. I feel slightly better since I took a shower and put on my "Green Acres" gown. DH, #1 bought this "gown" for me for my 21st birthday....that's been a few years ago! It's still in perfect shape and I wear it all the time (hmmm...DH #1 must have had very good taste!)

I painted just about everything that didn't move today. I used 13 cans of spray paint and some other paint that was not of the spray variety. This table and 4 chairs took 6 cans of white paint.

It's the table I had on the deck last year and just left it with all the different colors after DH power washed it. It really looked bad last year, but I decided it was a form of artistic expression and left it as it was. (in other words, I was too lazy to paint it last year!)

This year the table will go in the woodland area.

I planted some seeds that Dianne from Dianne Rambling On sent to me. They are green zinnias and purple zinnias. I planted some in my Arbor Gardens and some in these containers for the deck.

Thanks, Dianne. I hope they bloom. It will be extra special since you sent them to me.

I also put some of my new quilts and pillows out so that I could see what I needed to coordinate with them.

I decided to paint a couple of watering cans in a lighter green and a table and bird house in orange to tie everything together.

Almost all of my tulips are gone now. The only remaining ones in good condition were the Flame tulips. I went out and cut them all for this vase (that I also painted) so that I could enjoy them on the deck.

Around noon, I sat down for a coffee break right next to them. I will get a couple of days of enjoyment before they, too, are done for '08.

All of the painting I did today really messed up my nails!

At first I wore the food gloves, but after a couple of hours, I was so busy that I forgot about gloves.

It's a good thing tomorrow is my day to get the nails done!

Now I think I am going out to the deck to sip a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon while I admire all the work I did today.


  1. Oh wow your deck and yard are lookin' mighty fine, Zoey! I'm loving the colors of everything you got so much accomplished!!
    Your nails..I thought it was your new look..hehe
    Ahh yes 'girl of the gardens' you deserve to rest and have a little somethin' to drink!

  2. Zoey.....look at you, you've been a busy bee today haven't ya? Everything looks good from here, good job luv!

    Mick from Ontario

  3. Wow-7 hours! That's a long time to spend outside. I'm usually good for a couple of hours.
    I hope the seeds come up-they should. I actually had to add to my seed bed and had some like the ones I sent you to use.
    The rose campion decided it liked the sunniest flower bed the best and only a quarter size clump at that! I think it was too rainy this spring for the seeds to take hold. I am disappointed in the zinnias and sunflowers garden this year. My lettuce is good and ready to harvest! It's in an old tractor tire garden. I'm sure the zucchini, beans and gourds won't suffer like the other seeds.
    Your deck is looking so fine-garden magazine worthy! You should send some shots to Country Living!

  4. I have a dress I bought 10+ years ago when wearing the long, flowing ones was popular. I just had it on over the weekend! Can't beat the ones that are worn and comfy. The bust area could be a bit more roomy though! LOL

  5. Everything looks great!! I also planted that mixture of Zinnias, I am excited to see them bloom -- happy gardening!

  6. I always enjoy seeing pictures of your deck and gardens. It is such an insipration to see what others are doing. Thank you for sharing the 411 on the type of deck paint that you used.

    I couldn't figure out why my deck looked so good when it was first painted but looked dull once dry.

    OIL BASED...I am looking forward to re-painting my deck this year.

    Boy...your nails sure take a beating.


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