Friday, June 27, 2008

Finally a Poppy Blooms Where I Want it To!

I planted an Oriental poppy in the Wagon Wheel garden at least three years ago. This year the plant finally got big and had a few nice plump buds. They were the buds I showed you in an earlier post that turned brown. I thought the whole plant was toast, but today I noticed two blooms. I guess you can't even see them unless you click this picture to make it bigger.

Well, here's a closeup.

It's not much, but it's progress.
It's so ironic that I have to use Roundup to kill off the other poppies and I can't even get the nice Orientals to bloom. Sometimes gardening can make you crazy!

I went to Walmart today and they had annual plants 50% off. I bought a trunk load.

I bought some King coleus and other annuals to make three more planters. I have planted them all already, but I'll wait until they grow before I let them make their blog debut.

Every year I see hydrangeas and every year I say, "I need to plant some of those." I always forget until it's too late. Today they had these marked down to $9 each. I bought three of them. They are repeat bloomers.

I took the day off work today, and spent all morning working outside. I am at war with sedum 'coral carpet'. I know that stuff is going to outlive me, even though I have been pouring the Roundup to it for the past two years. Today I hit these areas:

This area is our second driveway. Somehow the sedum got in there and has spread all through it. All of that red is the sedum. I think it turns red when it gets a lot of sun. In other areas it's green. I am planning to kill it all and plant grass as we never use this driveway.

This area is in front of the house. I thought I dug out most of the sedum last year, but it's already loaded with it again! It's almost ready to bloom. It does have nice white flowers, but the pretty little flowers are not worth the headaches this invasive plant causes.

I finally decided that digging was not going to work and I decided to spray the whole area with Roundup. I will loose a lot of creeping phlox and ajuga along with the sedum.

I just hope I don't lose the Alberta Spruce.


  1. You got some great bargins! I'm planning on getting a couple different hydrangea this year. I have one but see all the different ones on blogs. I hope your round up works! Aren't invasive plants a pain?!

  2. Oriental poppies take a few years to really get established, but when they do they are very hardy and long lived. They come up every year in my former garden, in the midst of all the grass.

  3. You said it, Jean! A Major Pain in the Butt!!

    Hi Connie, I have noticed that they do take quite a while. I also noticed that once established, they don't like to be moved. I had a big clump that I cut in half two years ago and the remaining piece of the original is now dead.

  4. Love a great plant sale! I have hydrangeas, but must moved a few as they were getting too big for where I had them. My mom has a pretty one-in a shady, damp area and it blooms like mad.
    I did check out your tablescape and it looks so pretty. Your floral arrangement came out lovely!


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