Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Thank goodness it's going to Rain Soon

I've been outside for the past 4 hours...I painted a few more things (a table, a bench and a desk), trimmed all of the shrubs (with hand pruners). It's a good thing the rain is forcing me inside. because the whole house is desperate for a good cleaning.

Remember when I told you that I had TONS of creeping phlox?

Well, I wasn't kidding.

I took all of these pics today to show you most of the spots where it's blooming.

Look closely in the back of the next pic and you will see where I put the white table/chairs I just painted.

Yesterday I also hauled out my 5 old milk cans, one of which you see here in front of the wheel. If the pic is enlarged you will see three others way in the back.

I'll just show you the other three. Oh, look through the spokes, there is another little patch of phlox.

This area is very shady and nothing grows well. I decided to plant all the milk cans with hostas that I dug from another area in the front yard. I think the hostas will fan out nicely on top of the milk cans. There is such a small area to plant in a milk can that it is difficult to get something that looks good. I have about 45 hostas planted in the crabapple tree garden, but they don't thrive in that area, so I am digging them out and using them in many of my containers this year. You will see them later in the season in many of my large deck planters.

Yesterday I finally cleaned the pavers in my main gardens. Here they are full of pine needles and not very attractive.
and after about 15 minutes of raking and sweeping.

I overwintered this lime green and yellow variegated artemisia, 'Oriental Limelight' and decided to plant it in the Arbor garden for a spot of bright foliage color.

Because it's very aggressive, I have decided to dig a hole and plant it right in it's container. I probably should have divided it to get another free plant. I guess If I find a spot where I simply must have another touch of lime green color, I will dig it back up and divide it.


  1. I love all your creeping phlox! I hope you will get a little rest today. Everything is looking great. Cute idea to put hosta in the milk cans.

  2. You're getting the rain that we need so badly. Love the beautiful purple carpet of phlox :)

  3. Okay Zoey now that your yard looks so nice will you come and work on mine?? I could do with your ideas and your energy!! My yard is much smaller than yours and yet I don't seem to get it all the way I want.
    The fun of gardening!!

  4. I have the same problem with my house -- too much nice weather. But thankfully, looks like rain for most of the week. I'll finally get all my laundry done!

  5. Hi Jean and Susie, Guess what? We did not get a drop of rain! There was a 70T chance and when I came in it felt like it would be coming any time, but it never did! Now they say it will come on Thursday.

    Oh, Betty, I only wish it was any where near being done! I have tons more to do. I did seem to get some of my garden energy back, so hopefully I can get a bit more done this week.

    Sylvana, I hope you actually get some rain! :) I have laundry on tomorrow's agenda. Tonight my plan is to clean up my sewing room. Unfortunately the compter is in here, too. As you can see the computer won out. :)

  6. You sure did get alot accomplished in the garden. I couldn't get outside today due to the weather. 93 degrees. It was to hot to do anything btu stay inside where it was air conditioned.

  7. 93! Too hot for me, too, Hadias.

  8. Wow-gorgeous! I knew the first time your put your crocs on you'd get in your gardening mojo on!

  9. LOL, Di. Maybe it was those crocs that gave me my mojo back!


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