Thursday, June 12, 2008

As if Putting Up with all these Mosquitoes Isn't Enough

Now I have this to put up with.

So far they have been doing the work during the day and are gone by the time I get home.

Each day I just see the end results.

Hopefully, they don't work on weekends because all that noise will not make for pleasant time on the deck.

It's going to be a big garage that my neighbor is building.

I braved the blood sucking skeeters to get a photo of my latest bloomers--iris.
It seems to be a good year for iris. You can see a few specks of orange in the back. Those are some of the poppies that I told you just appear from nowhere. I need to get rid of them before they overtake this garden.

A couple of weeks ago I bought two packs of these storage boxes.

Today I decided to finally take them out of the package. Look how neat they go together...Snaps!
Isn't that different?
Look how cute they are.

They will hold a ton of stuff. Right now I have no idea of what the stuff will be, but it's nice to have some empty storage space for a few days.


  1. Zoey, I love your round stone cute. The Iris' do seem to be doing very well this year. I finally got smart and staked the larger Bearded Iris.

    The storage boxes are very cute.

  2. Bet many of us gravitate toward attractive empty boxes - they're part of the lure of places like Ikea and Container Store. The snaps are too cool, Zoey!

    The iris path looks wonderful, but it would look even better if I lived close enough to take a few of those unloved poppies off your hands ;-]

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  3. Your iris look beautiful! I also LOVE your poppies! I can't seem to get them to grow. I do have a couple plants that came back this year but no blooms. The purple allium and purple centered poppies are a great combo. I hope you have a quiet weekend!

  4. Your path and irises are so nice! I agree, it was a good year for irises.
    I have a big fabric covered box I keep my cooking magazines in. I like the ones you just bought. I'm guessing they weren't $30 as I saw a red tag on the package. You're my kind of shopper!

  5. Your garden is worth the work..I love it..just forget about the construction going on!
    And I really like those storage boxes..I should get some of those too.
    Hey no mosquitoes yet but I know they're coming..

  6. Hi Zoey!

    Your gardens look so pretty.
    We are totally infested with those damn mosquitoes too here!!! I despise the vampires. They spoil trying to enjoy the winter being gone. But I`ve heard they`re worse because of our long winter.
    Are those storage boxes ever neat!!!


  7. Hi Debbie, Thank you for the nice comment. I have been trying to find more of those round stone pavers for the last two years to do the other side of the arbor garden. So far, no luck.

    Annie, I wish you could take some of those poppies, too. I gave some to my work friend two years ago and now she knows why I warned her about how invasive they are! Today I went out and sprayed them all with Roundup. I have had enough! It's war between me and those poppies!

    Hi Jean, So far the weekned is quiet. It seems this contractor only shows up about two days each week. It may be a long project!

    Di, As always you have a good eye. They were a bargain at only $9.00 each.

    Betty, Maybe my mosquitos are heading up to Canada. Today there were not nearly as many out there. :)

    Tea, So nice to see you! I agree mosquitoes do spoil the early summer.


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