Saturday, June 14, 2008

I Will Probably Regret it Next Year

Today I went out and sprayed every one of those invasive poppies with Roundup. It's the only way to get rid of them and even then it takes multiple sprayings. I just can't stand them flopping all over and popping up in places I don't want them.

There are plenty of them growing behind the rock wall because I toss them back there when I dig them out. So I will still get to see a them blooming out in the wild as they should be. I did keep a few plants that bloom later and are not invasive. I wrote before about the two different kinds of poppies I have. One is very nice and well behaved and the other is a weed (in my humble opinion).

Besides killing poppies, I have been painting again today.

I had a desk that was peach sponge painted for the past 10 years. Sometimes I use this desk in the living room and sometimes it just sits in the basement. It's been sitting in the basement for the past year.

I decided to repaint it green. I did that last week. Today I decided to paint blue stripes on the drawer to tie into the new blue wall color. I started by putting masking tape on the drawer.

Then I pulled off every other piece of masking tape. The green areas you see will be painted ice blue.
Here it is painted. The ice blue looks white on my monitor, but it's really a nice icy blue color.

Once it's all painted, you just pull off the masking tape (I do this before it dries). This is what it looks like when done. The ice blue stripes are the same as the wall color. What fun! I loved doing this even though the stripes did not turn out as clean as I would have liked. There was a bit of bleeding under the tape and I spent a lot of time trying to fix that. I guess I will just leave it "shabby chic". LOL.

To bring in a little blue color, I used my teenage head vase and went out and picked some of my iris and some silver King artemesia for filler. It's nice to be able to enjoy some of my garden flowers inside since that is where I am spending so much time lately.

Now I am re-painting all the picture frames in the room to give them a cleaner updated look to go with the new paint color.

DH is painting the hallway walls. I did the four doorways. We still need to do the doors tonight and a second coat on the walls. I am also working on a new valance for the living room.

So this is my relaxing weekend...........I hope you are all having fun, too!

Just so I remember what paint I used I need to include this:

Living Room walls: The Big chill Ace Hardware C45-2 Eggshell
Living Room Ceiling & Beams, Hall Ceiling and Walls: Ace Hardware, High Hiding white E34 Satin Finish

LR Windows, Floor Molding and Doors, Hall Doors, Molding: High Hiding White Semi-Gloss


  1. Hi Zoey,
    Loved the striping paint job you did on the desk! That teen aged doll head vase is so cute filled with your pretty flowers!
    Have a great weekend.

  2. Zoey, the desk came out so cute and I love the girl vase...what a fun idea.

    You sure did a lot of work.

  3. Wow! You've been a busy bee! Good job on the desk, it really stands out nicely with the stripes-a custom piece!
    I think my living room walls are almost that color, maybe the next darker shade. I've had it for at least 11 yrs and still like it. I had a minty hospital green for the first 10 yrs and got tired of that quick.

  4. Your desk looks great! Love the striped drawer! Can't wait to see everything done.

  5. Love the striped desk..great job!
    Always interesting to check what you are up to, Zoey!


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