Friday, May 30, 2008

The Macadamia Nut Crowd Loves Mohawks

On payday everyone comes to my office to get their checks. I get to see many co-workers that I don’t see often because they work at night.

Such is how I recently crossed paths with the Mohawk-coiffed dishwasher, who was recently promoted to the weekend swimming pool security guard.

He’s a young guy with a very likeable personality. A few weeks ago I commented that he looked rather nice in a Mohawk. It was unsculpted and unspiked. I told him I had never admired a Mohawk haircut before and it surprised me that I was complimenting his.

"Wanna touch it?"He bent right down in front of me and offered up his horseshoe-shaped tuft of hair.

With that gesture, his became the first (and likely the only) Mohawk I have ever had the opportunity to run my fingers through. It was all soft and fuzzy feeling. I guess he was sporting the casual nonstyled version because he had to be to work so early in the morning that day.

When he came in get his check, he had used a bit of sculpting gel and I commented on the different look. With a little smirk, he said he had to look good for all the ladies he would be seeing at the pool tonight. I laughed and said I’d imagine that one of the fringe benefits of his new position was the chance to strut around a pool full of bikini-clad young ladies all evening.

“Well, no” he said, “It’s mostly older ladies who like me to sit down and talk with them while they feed me macadamia nuts and pretzels.”

I’ve been smiling all afternoon about that remark.

Maybe I am not the only "older lady" admiring that Mohawk.


  1. I always see the mohawk hair-do's sticking straight up and not laying do see interesting things in your job!

  2. That last statement of you Mohawk-pated friend made me think of him as a parrot, with feathers sticking up, talking to others for their entertainment, accepting little snacks.

    Thanks for a good laugh this morning.

  3. That would be YOUR Mohawk-pated friend.

    And I do realize that "friend" might be a bit of a stretch, under the circumstances. :)

  4. Betty, That I do! :)

    I read your comment twice and then I could visualize exactly what you were saying! I made me laugh out loud!

    A Friend? Hmmm...I guess if you have run your fingers through someone's hair, you could call him a friend. Really, he's just a kid I work with who makes me smile at the antics of today's youth. :)

  5. That's funny Zoey! I can just visualize you patting his tuft of hair. I didn't realize that mohawks were still 'in' unless you were in a rock band or something.
    Just don't start feeding him pretzels or mac nuts!

  6. I think that "kid" has a thing for Zoey *wink*. Sounds like the "friend" in question likes "older" ladies too :-)

    There must be a lot of Mullets still knocking around there eh?

    Mick in Ontario Canada

  7. Some of the hairdos I see at the high school are well...interesting. Keep in mind that I'm not talking about the Catholic high school my grandson attends, but the public one near our daughter's home. I can't say I've ever had the urge to touch any of them!

  8. Zoey - I enjoyed this entry so much. In my opinion, I think it is one of the best you've ever written. Not the content exactly, just the humor and kindness that permeates your writing really shone through. You are very brave (and I'm glad,even second hand) to know how a Mowhawk felt. Thanks, Zoey, for sharing your life with us.

  9. Hi Di, Mick and Susie,
    I don't think Mohawks are in any more either...I didn't just "pat" it, I ran my fingers all the way through it! LOL. Mick, I only recently figured out what a mullet was! ;)Susie, I only had the urge because it looked so soft and fluffy...I was used to those all different colored spikey things...

    What a kind comment! You made my day. Thank you!


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