Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I Wanna Be Just Like You

I think that is what this puny canna (from my last post)

is saying to this big beautiful guy.
It's the same pot, same canna. This picture is from August 4, '06.

I am a bit skeptical that this year's version will be as nice.

I decided to add another layer this year.

I put a nice size yellowish hosta in last night. I think this will soften the edge and be a good contrast to the big striped leaves and the yellow dahlias. It's pretty warm outside today so maybe the cannas will have a positive response to the warmer temps and start getting big like they should!


  1. The hosta looks like a sum and substance? I have 1 of those, along with regal splendour, big daddy and others

    Mick in Canada

  2. Hi Debbi, nice to see you!

    Thank you, Connie. It's the same color as the Margarite sweet potato vine, which will be nice once the SP vine hangs down all the hanging baskets.

    Mick, Yes, that's it. I couldn't remember the name when I made the post. Thank you!


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