Sunday, June 15, 2008

A Productive Weekend

The living room is finally done. I finished these whimsical curtains today. It's the same pattern that I used in the kitchen, but I added about 3 inches to the top because I wanted longer points. I ran to Joanne's when they opened at 10 a.m. and bought 4 yards of this sheer fabric with embroidered flowers on it for the side windows.
The color isn't showing true. The flowers are pink and yellow and there is some green for the stems/leaves. After about two hours of sewing and gluing on the big pastel-colored buttons, this is what I ended up with.

We also got the pictures hung. I dry brushed white on top of the black frames to lighten them up a bit.

I went outside to cut a few allium and heuchra blooms for this little bouquet as I needed to balance the flowers in the head vase.

Last year I bought these two blue plant holders. I found them stored under the house and decided to use them on top of the china cabinet. They are the kind that sit at a slant and it looks like the flowers are spilling out of them.
I think I will put fresh flower bouquets in these and change them out all summer, depending on what is in bloom. I should have shasta daisies in bloom soon and I think they might look nice in these.I made an extra valance section to use on the end of the china cabinet.

Except for the time I spent cleaning paint brushes, I only worked about 30 minutes outside today. I spent the time edging the front of this bed.
DH cooked a great Father's Day burger. I am not big on hamburgers, but I really enjoyed this one. I think the caramelized Vidalias make all the difference.

I hope you all enjoyed the weekend and had a nice Father's Day .

I feel good about accomplishing so much, but I am tired and can't wait to go to bed!


  1. I love how you did the living room. I want to do drapes just like yours! I wish I had your energy!!!

  2. There's nothing like a vidalia onion to add flavor to a hamburger. Your sure looks good there. And your garden is too, I might add!

  3. Wow! You did an awesome job with the valances and curtains!! You can look at flowers all year round now. I would say your color is closer to my bedroom color now that I see more of it.
    I'm like you, the hamburger has to be cooked a certain way. The fast food chains, except for maybe BK just don't get what a good burger is. I read that if you add a bit of Worchestershire sauce to the meat, it's even tastier. I like using Vidalia onions also.
    Back to work to relax. : )

  4. Oh...and your flower bed looks like a magazine picture. : )

  5. You are so amazingly creative. Your blog is such eye candy and inspiration for me. How do you do it all? I am in awe.

    How do you edge your beds? with a flat-edged spade? a power edger? what? I need to do it.

  6. I love that blue for your living room walls and those sheers..they are so pretty! You went to a lot of work, Zoey but a change is always wonderful!

  7. Janet,
    Thank you for such a sweet comment. My energy is fading each year and I am not liking that a bit!

    Hi Jane Marie, Yes, you sure can't beat a Vidalia! I cut some up and froze them to use later when I can no longer buy them in the stores.

    Dianne, Thank you so much. In all honesty, that picture looks much better than that garden looks in real life. I haven't done much work on it all year. I took the pic from my bedroom window at 8:30 a.m. I have found that to be a perfect time for good lighting in that area.

    Priscilla, I am blushing! Thank you! I don't have any special tools. I just used a shovel. I am planning to post a pic of what I used later.

    Betty, Thank you. I am liking that blue, too. Yes, it was a lot of work. I still have three bedrooms to go!


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