Friday, June 20, 2008

It's Probably NOT a Good Idea to Transplant an Iris in Full Bloom

All of my yellow iris seem to have disappeared, so when I saw this one last weekend, I decided to dig it up and move it to a more prominent spot. This is what it looked like the next morning. Oops! Not a good idea.

Truth be told, I move things in full bloom all time. Usually they are just fine and I expect this one will be fine next year,too. I will just cut it off and bring it inside if there are still any blooms to open.

I always like to take pictures of bees on my flowers, so here is my first bee-on-flower pic for '08: I just love bumblebees. They are so soft and cuddly looking.

Wouldn't you just love to run your finger over that soft yellow hair?

TGIF! I don't know what I will do this weekend. DH says he is not painting this weekend. We still have three bedrooms to do. I may just paint the windows and doors since I am doing them in the same white semi-gloss as the living room and hallway. I like everything to be the same. It's much easier when you need to do a touch up.

I am pretty surprised to see by my poll, that 25% of us only paint every 16+ years. I thought I would be the only one with paint that old!


  1. Great bee picture! I move stuff whenever I feel like it! It usually looks bad for a couple days but if I wait I forget what I wanted to do. So sorry your deer are back. I started some sunflower seeds in peat pots and the rabbits ate them the day I put them out!

  2. Hi! I hopped over here from Susie's blog. I just moved about 10 plants from the backyard to the front and the next day...Drooop-fest! I sprinkled them with miracle grow water and they look a lot better now... good thing! I LOVE your bee-on-flower photo. You're right! They do look cuddly when you think about it...

  3. I love your bee photo! A friend of mine was saying,and unfortunately it's true, that bees are dying off. She gave out a link to a youtube video and the problem seems to be that insecticide is messing up their immune systems.
    The most I see right now are on my Spirea bush.
    I plan to do a little iris transplanting in the fall. They are getting too clumpy and will start not to bloom. Remember to leave some of the rhizome above the ground.

  4. love your bee pic. I can see why it is tempting to move a plant that is blooming, you can check the color against the color of the new area.. I have been carrying iris blooms around and holding them up to another bloom, then writing names /to do notes on tape and puttng it on stems. We'll see if that works, lol.

  5. I was looking for ideas on plants and flowers for my deck and yard, and I came across your blog. I'm glad I did, your deck and yard are beautiful.

    Love the photo of the bee.

  6. Jean, so sorry to hear the rabbits got your sunflowers. It's amazing we get any flowers with so many animals out there wanting to eat them.

    Smiley, Welcome! I bet your plants have finished drooping by now. Usually, if you give them a lot of water, they are fine in about two days.

    Hi Laurie, Thank you. It's such fun to chase insects around my yard.

    Dianne, I read about the disappearing bees, too. That's why I was fairly excited to see a few of these around my flowers.

    Muum, what a great idea to tape the info right to the stem! Let us know if it works.

    rmgales, Welcome and thank you for taking a moment to leave a comment. I am glad you found something worthwhile.

  7. Just yesterday I transplanted some of my lilies and you, I often move them around while in full bloom. I find it's easier when they're in bloom so that you can see what colour the flower is and then you can put it where it will look best:-) Love that bumblebee picture!! xoxo

  8. Good call to move the iris, Zoey - doing it when they're in bloom is the only way you can be sure you've got the right corm. And as you said - you can always cut it for a vase.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  9. That's a great picture of the bee!

    Yeah, i move stuff around when it is blooming too. Actually i move stuff around whenever i can get to doing it. If it dies, well, then, that sucks! But if i waited for the 'right time' then it would seriously never be done.


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