Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Van Gogh, I am Not..............

Does anyone recognize where this stuff came from?

How about this stuff sitting on my kitchen desk?

Well, it all came from my two china cabinets in the living room.

If you remember I have already taken everything out of these cabinets to move them TWICE this year. Well, today makes 3 times since January. I am getting very tired of moving these cabinets!

I had to move it all again because I have finally convinced my husband to paint the living room. Well, actually, we are both painting the living room. I can't count how many times I have climbed that ladder with a little paintbrush to cut in on EVERY SINGLE BEAM, edge and corner of the 20 ft. x 12 ft. living room. DH then uses a roller. It took quite a few hours. This is a better workout than when I used to go to the gym! I first painted these beams on a vacation week while listening to the OJ Simpson trial. That's how long ago it was! We are way overdue for new paint. This time the ceiling and beams are going bright white. What a difference! Way back then white was out and I wanted everything in a light tan. Now I am back to liking pure white. What goes around, comes around.............

The walls are going from peach to Ice Blue....I have not even opened the can to see what the color looks like. Whatever it is, that's what it will be..........but that will be tomorrow because today I still have to finish the windows, doors, molding, etc. Somehow I think DH is getting the easier part of this job.

I am not the neatest painter on the planet. This is my arm. Too bad you didn't see the clothing. I backed into a painted beam (that connects the dining room to the living room) twice. The purple pants I had on were about 50% white by the time I finished. I am saving them to wear tomorrow and then I will throw the pants and shirt away. That's OK because I need space in my closet.

In fact cleaning the closet is my task for this evening. DH is not home and I have had about all I can take of painting for one day.

If you think I have been working too hard for a vacation week, you are totally correct! I have been complaining about just that for most of the day today. It's the curse of working women.

The only time we can get any extra tasks done is when we take a vacation. It's sad, but that's just the way it is today.

I am only working until mid day Friday and then I am heading up north for a bit of fun. DH and I have reservations to see a master illusionist from Canada on Sat. night. I will tell you more about him later.

It's only 54 degrees here today. We never did get the rain they have been predicting all week. Now they say it's coming tomorrow. I hope so because I have been too busy to go out and water my plants.


  1. The white ceiling is going to look great! I bet it will be a lot brighter. I'm a terribly messy painter! Paint everywhere! At least you don't feel guilty working inside when it's cool out.

  2. Yup I too am a messy there any other way??
    Good idea about the white ceiling and I like blue, hope we get to see the finished results.
    Have a great weekend Zoey, you deserve a little fun.

  3. Your living room is almost as big as my family room. We have an 'L-shaped' dining/living room where the ceiling is white-most of the house's ceilings are except the family room. The ceiling is so high there we painted it the buttery color like the walls. I told DH I can't paint anymore, I'd have to save up for a painter. He didn't say anything. Or I could get Sean to do it-lol! My LR will need paint within the next few years-been since about '97. I like the blue and as long as it looks clean. ;)

  4. When I was redoing my computer room, after I'd finished painting the ceiling and the walls, I swear I had more paint on me than anywhere else! lol My t-shirt and shorts had to be thrown away afterwards, the same for my bra, the paint had gone through the t-shirt material! lol Isn't it a chore having to do all those corners, beams, window sills, etc? I bet it will look beautiful once it's all done, though...can't wait to see pictures of the finished product:-) You will certainly notice how bright it all looks with the white compared to the tan!

    Your deck and garden are looking so beautiful let's just hope the weather cooperates and you can enjoy sitting out there. It's warmed up some here but raining today. xox


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