Monday, June 16, 2008

Quit Your Grumbling and Get to Painting!

My used-to-be-sweet husband has been grumbling for the past two weeks about how I am "always changing" things...I think he is going to be one cantakerous old man.

I just give him a tilted head, brow furrowed incredulous stare.

After I am sure he has taken note of my facial expression, I--ever so slowly--ask,"Darling, who, in their right mind, would think that painting a room EVERY 16 YEARS is "always changing?" (I may raise my voice an octave or two on the 16 year part.)

It's not like I am not working just as hard as he is. (Frankly I am working much harder since I am also making all the window coverings, rearranging the cabinets, cleaning and dusting everything, etc. etc. He's painting with a roller and helping to move only the heavy items. But for the sake of household peace, I will pretend it's an equal effort.)

We have a professional painter doing some work at the hotel. He told me that next time I should just call him. I think that's exactly what I will do. Then I will hand the bill to DH and see if he likes that better than helping with the work!

I have decided to do a little poll to see if perhaps I am wrong and 16 years is too frequent to change paint color. So I would be very grateful to you, if you could take just a moment to take the "How Often do You Repaint" poll on the top right of my blog.

If I am wrong, I shall be woman enough to give DH my most humble apology for making him work so much harder than other married men.


  1. Oh well I guess that's men for you Zoey. They wouldn't notice if it always stayed the same!
    I'm sure he likes it just fine when all is done. And yup the painter's bill would be an eye opener!!

  2. If you leave aside the painting and just consider all the other things that you do -- changing cabinets around, sewing home decor items, creating holiday themes, and so on -- I have to say that I understand where your husband is coming from. The painting is a very big job, so it might be the proverbial straw that's breaking the camel's back.

  3. I can't remember my husband ever caring about what color anything was ever, so it's a man thing. I plan to hire someone next time to do the painting as it's just getting too hard for me and he only ever did the ceilings as I don't have the arm or neck strength to do so.

  4. Maybe your husband is afraid you'll be looking to him for change next.

  5. zoey. i think most men are the same way. they all hate change. your dad complains about it every time i want to do something different. i would like to hire everything done too but he complains about that to.

  6. I voted for 5 years or less, because we have small children. It was all painted last year and it is already looking like it will need to be redone soon! Hopefully the next paint job will last a little longer.

  7. Hmmmm....the bickering amongst couples. Well am not in your age bracket, but I do hear where you are coming from.

    Something things have to be a mutual decision and agreed upon, the moment one party takes action into their own hands, that is when the trouble starts.

    Now the flowery sofa in the pic below, did your husband choose that or was it your choice or a mutual pick?

    I grew up with all that with my parents, and sure wouldn't want that now, but that is just me!

    I do all the heavy work in our household, including building a deck and fence by my lonesome self. A lot of the work was done after I got home from work in the evening, having just driven 2hrs to get home, and the rest on the weekends.

    I work in the technology industry, am up at 4am, out of the door by 5 and back at 7pm.

    Is it time to paint again after 16yrs? Probably....but as long as you 2 can agree on the colurs.


    Mick in Canada

  8. Hi Betty, I bet he would be very happy to paint it himself if he saw how much the pro would charge. :)

    Karen, I think you may have something there. I do change a lot of little things often.

    Di, Mine could live with the same furniture, paint color, etc., for his entire life. He cares nothing for syle, etc.

    Sylvana, he can only wish for that.....ha ha just joking!

    Mom, Maybe I got my passion for change from you?! Actually, I don't think I change too much very often...just little stuff.

    Hi Kate, I can imagine with little kids that the paints gets bad quickly. The pro paint man told me that every 5 - 6 years is about right. So you are probably due for a fresh coat.

    Wow, Mick, you built a deck yourself! Impressive! You have a two-hour commute? That's just crazy!! Makes me feel extra fortunate that I live just 2 miles from work.

    We agree just fine on the color, it's just that he does not understand that the walls need to be redone after 16 years. He thinks they can just stay the same forever. He is noticing how fresh and clean everything looks with the new paint, so maybe he is beginning to understand.

    We both agreed on the flowery sofa, (and matching love seat), but that was also 16 years ago. I am ready for a change, but this room is rarely used, so the furniture is in perfect condition and I will just have to live with it for a while longer. See, I am willing to compromise. :)

  9. Men...can't live with them, can't live without them! lol He should consider himself lucky that it's not every 5 years you want to have the living room painted AND that you don't leave everything to him!!!! I think they just like to complain for nothing at times! hehe

    I just love the sheers and panel you made for the living room window..gorgeous!! Also love the way you repainted that desk, it really turned out beautifully! xox

  10. Pea....I just lovely how you lump all men together eh, well of course you are not the only one that does that.

    Mind boggling really

    Mick in Canada

  11. I can laugh and enjoy your post and comments Zoey, but cannot vote - neither my husband nor I have ever lived anywhere for a 16-year span. Both my husband's parents and my own parents moved us around when we were kids, too.

    We've painted quite a few rooms in our various houses over the decades and have taken down an awful lot of old wallpaper.

    Tell your husband that at least you know what to expect, since you did the job the last time. We're always trying to figure out just how and why the previous owners did what they did.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose


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