Wednesday, February 28, 2007

A New Lease on Life

I feel so good today! I got home from work and immediately started making some pork soup. I just threw things together (no recipe) and it turned out very satisfying--light, fresh, yet filling.
Since I had such a light dinner, I felt energetic and started right in on the dishes, then to scrubbing the kitchen and bath floors. I know I said I'd wait until the weekend, but I just had the urge to do them today.

Now I am going to settle down with some hot herbal tea and watch the 6PM news.

Hope everyone is having a great day!


  1. I would have to be drinking something stronger than tea to be so happy if I was scrubbing the bathroom floors.
    I am glad you are feeling back to your old self again!

  2. LOL, Sissy. YOu have such a good sense of humor!

  3. Pass on some of that energy to me pleaseeeeee! lol Gosh that soup looks sooo good...can I hire you as my chef??? I promise I won't make you wash the bathroom floors! lol Great to hear you're feeling so much better:-) xox

  4. I could use a dose of whatever you had to give you such energy. Glad you've gotten over your bug!

  5. The soup looks delish! I could use some of that energy too. Glad you are better!

  6. Oh boy! That soup looks delicious!! Hope you`re feeling better. I envy you all those magazines. I never feel like cleaning after work either.


  7. Happy to see you're feeling better! I just got done spring cleaning the whole living room so I could really use some of that soup right now!

  8. That soup is too pretty to eat! I can see what is in it, and will make it.

    Glad you are feeling better.

  9. Yumo!
    Love anything pork!
    Man, I could use some of your energy girl!


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