Monday, March 24, 2008

Willow stopped by and left this comment:

Hopped by to see if Good Friday might find a gardening post and found the wonderful deck decorations going strong. You do know you are an inspiration to many. Blessings at Easter!


First, thanks for hopping in, Willow. It's always nice to see you. A double thanks for the kind comment. It would make me very happy to know that I inspired someone in some positive manner. I think in the past I may have inspired some negative behavior in a few people
Ah, those were the days! Just kidding, you all know I would never do improper things.

It made me chuckle to know that you were thinking you may find a gardening post on Good Friday. I am afraid you are just a little early to find one. We still have large snowbanks. This morninig it was only 10 degrees and a bit more snow fell overnight.

Even though it will be weeks before there is much gardening in northern Michigan, I have changed my header to a garden theme. Maybe it will give good karma and the weather gods will smile upon Northeast Michigan. We can only hope.


  1. Beautiful header photo, Zoey. It does seem like spring is taking forever to get here this year.

  2. We all know spring will come..we just need to have a little bit of patience!
    Love your new header,Zoey..a little bit of spring for sure!


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