Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Not Much Happening Lately

I've noticed a big drop in blog postings and about a 50% drop in my blog readers so there must be a universal lack of excitement in our lives.

Here's the biggest event of my day.

As I was dressing for work this morning, I decided I just hated the leather cord on this recently-purchased necklace. I've worn it a couple of times, but it does not feel comfortable.

It's not me.

There was no way to remove the pendant without cutting it off. So I grabbed my scissors and with one big snip the wooden pendant was freed.

I attached the pendant to a gold chain.

I like it much better now! I will take 14K over leather any day. Please ignore those dark shadows that make me look all lumpy at the neckline. They are caused from my arms holding the camera strap up as I am shooting into the mirror. I couldn't use the flash because of the mirror. LOL. What I won't do for a photo shoot at 6:00 a.m.

Here's a picture of the can of corn I had for dinner. (Did I mention how tough it's been lately to find blog topics?)

All kidding aside, this is the very best canned corn we have ever eaten. Del Monte Summer Crisp. It's sweet and crunchy...tastes almost like fresh from the garden corn.

So is it just me or is everyone feeling the blog blahs lately?


  1. ROTFL your can of corn gave me a good laugh!

    I think it's the weather. It is very blah...i am waiting and waiting and waiting but there is nothing but snow to photograph in the garden...

  2. I agree...there's just nothing to talk about but SNOW!

  3. yep, I think it is late-winter funk. I need to make some plans for my garden, just in the middle of other stuff now. (and grey, cold and cloudy weather doesn't help)

  4. I like leather or gold or silver, but I think the gold looks nice with this pendant.
    I really don't think you're in that much of a funk. I've seen some great creations here and even the can of corn is cool. I use to work in a gourmet take out place and they said the only good canned veggie was corn. Frozen and canned stuff tends to be fresher than what you buy at the produce stand.

  5. I love Del Monte corn, only I buy the peaches and cream variety!
    That was a quick fix to change up your necklace, Zoey..nice!
    March is a strange month, some days it feels like spring is around the corner, other days it's deep winter! This too shall pass and before we know it we'll be digging and planting in our gardens...hold that thought!

  6. I've only been posting about every other day instead of every day. I guess I could open my cupboards and start taking pictures!(lol!)

  7. Well at least now we know what kind of corn you like! hehe Yup, I don't think it's just you, I think everyone is feeling the blog blahs. Watch out when Spring really arrives, we won't be able to keep up! lol Your pendant looks 100% better with the gold chain...like you, I'm not one for leather cords. I was just out running some errands and the side streets are so icy, as are the driveways...I almost did the splits just getting to my car! We also still have tons of snow so winter is here to stay for a while yet!! xox

  8. Kate, nice to see you!

    Suzy, I guess everyone is just tired of talking about snow.

    Muum, Are you planning veggie planting? Don't forget the corn!

    Dianne, I agree. I like this particular brand better than frozen corn.

    Betty, I have never seen the peaches and cream variety. I will have to be on the lookout for it.

    Jean, I really did laugh out loud at you going thru your cupboards and snapping pictures!

    Hi Pea, It's very icy here, too. I had to very carefully get out of the car while balancing a big pizza box in one hand. :) No cooking and No corn tonight.


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